Pulaski, TN: The Woods End Farm

That’s right friends, I was at my happy place this past weekend. After unloading the moving truck, we decided we get a few hours of sleep — enjoy Mother’s Day with our mothers — and then head up to Tennessee. It was my first time to be up there while things are growing. Woods End Farm is a cattle farm so we just go up there and see the cows and family, but all of the neighboring farms are growing things like wheat… and other stuff. It was all so pretty.

We camped out while we were there. The weather has gotten warmer, but it’s still nice and cool at night — cool enough that we could have a fire. What I didn’t know about camping in May — is that there are SO MANY BUGS. Yep, some how that just didn’t compute for me. Needless to say… we were finding ticks everywhere. We may have pulled 15 each from our bodies -GROSS. So now, we have a new rule: No Camping out After March 15th

Unbeknownst to me, there is actually a good sized Amish community about 30-45 minutes away from Woods End Farm. This is one of the Amish homes and barn that we saw. There is something really beautiful about them. They have rules about not being photographed so I tried to only take pictures of their structures. While they attempt to blend in and lead simplified lives — I think they really stand out. I loved their blue shirts that they wore. It is such a foreign way of living that I am completely enamored by how they do it on a day to day basis. We  even saw them working their fields with their horses and plows. Children looking as young as 5 were out with a team of 3 horses –I don’t think I knew how to tie my shoes at 5 much less work the fields with a team of horses.

I know what you are thinking… what a beautiful house — No-no, No-no — this is their stables. Wowza’s. This is one of the Woods End Farm neighbors. What I love about this property, is that everything is pushed away from the roadway. You can’t see any of this from the roadway and everything is tucked away. You have to be an insider like myself to find these finds. We saw them as we were doing some trail riding on horses through their property. Everyone there was so nice! And you would expect an air of pretension but everyone was completely down to earth. I love this neighborhood. Must. Move. There. Soon.

Another little gem on their property is the Folly. It overlooks the surrounding hills and it is so beautiful. At the center of the structure there is a place to have a fire or maybe even a BBQ. This has definitely been added to my wishlist. Love, Love, Love.


Today I am thankful for: a productive day at home and some awesome BBQ

CHINA Countdown: 3 days, 17 hours, and 27 minutes

Listening to: Matt Nathanson- Detroit Waves


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