The Box…

Alright, now it’s official… The Box really is the best universal gift in the whole wide world.


Today I am thankful for: a good quick run.

Food Team: People 7

So Food Team definitely met up this weekend! AND this is going to be one of the first places that I’ll take my brother and sister when they come and visit! Here are The Deets:

  • The Place: People 7 Bar Shanghai
  • Where: 805 Julu Road, by Fumin Road.
  • The Digits: +86 (21) 5404 0707
  • What up?: Bad Ass Bar with specialty beverages and unexpectedly Bad Ass Food.
So, my friend William has been telling me about this bar that we just had to go to. I said, “OK sure, I’ll go get some expensive drinks…” He said, “Just wait.” One of the nice girls at our office made our reservation and then gave us the password… Say what? PASSWORD?? Yeah, that’s right — Password. So we took a cab ride to this very quiet street with white walls and William looked back at me and said, “You’re right in front of the place — don’t you know where to go?” Yeah right. No one, on their first time, would know where to go. You have to go into this darkly lit part of the wall and then go up some shady looking stairs and then you are greeted at the top by these holes (picture above). And that is when you use your password. If you get it wrong… A door slides open and you look into a mirror that says “Gotcha” on the other side. So. Cool. When you do get it right, the big concrete door opens and you are greeted by two very nice hostesses. We ordered our drinks and sat in the “waiting area” until our table was available, which of course was right on the nose at 8 p.m. And this is what we ordered.
Broccoli on Ice. Have you ever had broccoli without the tree on top? And served in an Ice Bowl? I think not.
Drunk Cold Chicken with Diced Ginger and Scallions — this was delicious. The Chinese really find a nice textural balance between fat and meat. It really was wonderful.
Ok… this one wasn’t my idea but Sea Cucumber. O.M.G. Please don’t get me wrong — this was delicious as well — but I have serious issues with certain forms of slime and goo being thought to be edible. The “sauce” aka goo had the texture and look of snot. Ughhh… I will not be ordering that again. But I can say I tried it. And it’s not nearly as bad as stinky tofu… It’s just a texture thing. Please see below…
This is just like a dang Kiwi. It’s awkward… and gross. Moving On…
Tiny Wonton with Pork and Shrimp. Dad — we need this recipe. These were lovely.
And last, but certainly not least, the Soft Shell Crab. This was the absolute best that I have ever had in my life! Bit of an exaggeration? I. Think. Not. These were absolutely perfect. Certainly the way to any woman’s heart… Crabs. haha
And my new favorite drink: Kiwi Juice. Kiwi’s are a lot less awkward when they are ground up and juiced. (Is ground or grinded the past tense of grind… I’m sure my mother or English Major friends will correct me!)
Moral of the night: It would be a shame for anyone to be in Shanghai and not go to this place. Let it be the fancy restaurant you go to while you are here. Plus, food is so affordable in Shanghai. Everything we ordered was between 35-75 RMB ($5.30-$11.50) and when you eat Family Style, it is super affordable. So maybe, go here as often as you can.
Today I am thankful for: Southern Belle this evening. It is Memorial Day after all – I have to have a burger. SHAME, I know.

Gotta get-get…

Today I went on a run. And these were my directions so that I wouldn’t get lost… I know, I know — it’s slightly pathetic. But I had to do it. Often in Shanghai, one street will be named one thing but then it’ll change to be something else. I only got lost once. And I don’t really think that was my fault. AND I got two couples who were staring at me to say Ni Hao! That’s awesome — I mean if they are going to stare at me running then I’m going to wave at them — and I wave at everybody!


Today I am thankful that: the guy that got stuck between the doors on the subway got out before the subway started moving again… scared the crap outta me.

Ughhh… The Tesco.

So… This is the grocery store that we go to. It’s right around the block and very convenient. It has a wide variety of things that you can purchase. With all this being said — There is NOTHING more stressful (that I have witnessed) than going to The Tesco. There are just soooo many people there. And they are slamming into the back of you and pushing you out of the way — There’s no excuse me, pardon me, do you mind if I get that — It’s insane. And then you have the 200 year old Grandma who is poking along and then… AND THEN…. you have these people (see below)…

There is a woman at the end of every aisle selling something. WHO WOULD GIVE THESE PEOPLE A MICROPHONE?!?!?!?!?!! There was a point when I was trying to grab some yogurt and I thought to myself… this is what hell must feel likean endless line in a grocery store where people are screaming and pushing and cutting in front of you. What. A. Nightmare.

Yeah, I don’t think the FDA would approve of this…

I hope your trip to Walmart is a nice one. Just remember: It could be a whole lot worse.


Today I am thankful that: I got to talk to my grandparents for the first time since I’ve been in China. They rock. So does my mom for making it happen. I love you too Dad — and Scoo and Yaya… AND THE PORCINI MONSTER… and the cat. (Ok, that’s the whole Fam) — heehee and Noel.



What’s This ?!?!?!

Shanghai International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security came to work today. By that I mean… I work in the Chinese Expo Building and this is one of the exhibitions that came to expose themselves within the building that I work. But look at that little robot guy. I just had to share him with you. I’ll have another post later about the building and such… but for now, I’m off to bed.


Today I am thankful for: hearing Cleaning Out My Closet by Eminem on the Chinese radio. For some reason that makes me happy. It was on their “New Hits” radio station. Haha. That was so early 2000, right?


So this isn’t exactly anything China specific but it’s fun. Hope y’all had a great day.


Today I am thankful for: finally learning how to spell dimension. I think it’s because I’m from The South and I spell it the way I say it – demintion (sounds like = Dee.mention). Yes, I know, that’s like 10 ways to special right there. AND I’m thankful for going on a run today. I received so many strange looks (more than usual) — BTW, people don’t run in China — AND my lungs don’t feel too smoggy and it made my head stop hurting for half a second. Isn’t that great?

Shanghai Subway

This is the subway around mid day on the weekend. Look how spacious and how comfortable it is…

This is what it looks like around 8:30 in the morning when I commute to work… we are packed in there like sardines. AND when you think it just can’t fit anymore… more people come in. Yep, I definitely think I need to look into this whole bike thing.


Today I am thankful for: a good night last night 🙂

NOTE: At random times the chinese government may or may not let me come to my wordpress site… so if you don’t hear from me for a few days — that is why. Like today, Gmail has been blocked. Oh, joy.

A Different Side of Shanghai

So there’s a different side to every city… and there’s always a side that the tourists don’t get to see. Now, let me say this — I haven’t seen that part of Shanghai, but I think places like the one we came across are all over the city. Something happening all over the world; is that High Rises are going up and these old parts of town are being destroyed. Its really quite sad.



Today I am thankful for: going to the awesome street vendor right next to the apartment. The best kabob’s I have ever had!!! AND for less than $5.00

Shanghai, China: Silly Things

No Trumpeting! No actually, I’m pretty sure it means No Music – but I still think it’s really funny.

“Dog, Don’t You Enter Here!!” I mean, look how sad that puppy dog is. I’m sure they would let my Baby Monster Dog in — because he is a sweet baby!!

And now this — this is just freakin’ awesome. And you see stuff like this a lot in Shanghai (or I guess – China in general). You’ll often find people carrying a lot of one thing on their bicycle. I’m going to try and compile a bunch of these for you. But aren’t you impressed by a. how much foam this guy found and b. the fact that he put all of that on his bicycle and c. the fact that he is commute/cargo-ing it himself!! Again, it’s awesome.

Today I am thankful for: making new friends and discovering how great this city is.

Chongming, China

Here are some pics from our-site visit when we went to Chongming on Thursday. The house in the distance is the one that will be taken down and replaced with a better design. This lot is on a piece of land that has been leased to the current family for many many years. The brother of the owner of this lot lives next door and his father lives next to him.

This is an old house that sits along the brother and father’s land. It is very old and caved in. But the beauty is in the details. It’s really a shame to see that the vernacular style has moved so far away from this.

This is a picture taken from the balcony of the brother’s house looking down onto his father’s garden. Everyone here gardens! I love it. We even got to see Grandpa’s opium plant. I think his garden was his pride and joy 🙂

A wheat field across the street. And btw — streets here were maybe only 8 feet wide and they were absolutely considered a two lane road. A “normal” acceptable street in the states would be around 18 feet. Throw that around in your head. It was difficult to do a three point turn much less put two cars on the same road. Mind boggling, I know.

And this is one of the many sites that we went to to look at different construction details as well as different construction processes that are local to china. Chinese construction workers are usually not very well educated in the the construction process so designs in China often have to be altered/simplified based on the skills of the laborers.

Today I am thankful for: gchat not being added to the great firewall of China