Anderson, SC: Split Creek Farm

Hey y’all. I know it’s been a while… I had my FINAL final Review… EVER, just yesterday! How wonderful is that? Pretty darn wonderful. And since I’ve been inside working in studio all week long, we thought it was high time to get outside. There is a goat farm that my roommate has been telling me about since I’ve been back in Clemson and I regret not going to it sooner. And even better, they have amazing goat cheese! AND award winning show goats.

Place: Anderson, SC

Name: Split Creek Farm

What: Awesome Goat Farm and Certified Roadside Market

This place is so cool and the lady working today was incredibly friendly. She greeted us as soon as we got out of the car with one of the many Great Pyrenese dogs that they have guarding their goats. The beauty that greeted us; her name is Sophie.

The lady working was telling us a story about the dogs. She said that they are incredibly protective over their goats. They know when even one is missing. She was telling us how they moved one of the pregnant goats into a different pin and the dog was staying on the edge of the fence to keep an eye on his flock and his missing goat. Isn’t that precious? I also asked her what the dogs were protecting the goats from. She said that they protect them from Coyotes (the lady called them Ci-yotes — some plural form of coyotes, haha), big cats, wild dog packs, and she even said that there have been bear spottings around those parts. Doesn’t that dog look like Aslan?

Eeek! Baby goats. These goats, we couldn’t touch. They were anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks old. We couldn’t touch them because their immunity systems are still being formed. But they were soo cute!

These goats were so silly. Can you see that in the image on the right that that goat is actually biting on me. He was really cute and when I pet him he kept trying to nibble at me. I want a goat.

Ok y’all. You have to watch to this! This is a super short video a took today of one of the cawing goats. Now, all goats caw and bahhh and make noises.. but this one in particular was very noisy. We later found out that she was pregnant and was probably going to have her baby this afternoon.

Heeheeehee… now that’s just funny. Goats are silly.

This goats name is Stevie. Stevie is blind. Hence, the name. I think there is something really beautiful about him and his coat is so pretty.

This is one of two shops on the farm. This shop contains local crafts and artwork from artist around the area and the other one contains the cheese shop. YUM. There was a tray sitting on the counter with all of there delicious cheeses. They were to die for.

This was on the back of the door at the cheese shop. I love every single one of these stickers. I think I need a good sticker collection. Did you notice the TOWANDA sticker?! Yes Ma’am!!!!

Look at this guy hiding all by himself.

Something particularly special about this place is that the owner can no longer work there. She has a dedicated staff that works around the clock who helps her maintain a successful business and care for more than 350 goats. She has become increasingly sick and is on a waiting list for a Lung Transplant. You can, of course, go and donate money towards her healthcare costs. In return, they will give you a small wooden toy goat as a thank you for your donation. Mine is sitting on my vanity now and I can see it everyday. I love this place and the people who work here. Let’s support our local artisans as well as those in need.

Me and my roommate Aud at the entrance to Split Creek Farm. Go check it out!

Today I am thankful for many things: goats and goat cheese… being finished with my studio final… for my best friend’s friend, Drew, having a successful Appendectomy… and for Life – all in all – things are good.

I have a date next weekend with a big ole bottle of wine, some goat cheese and crackers, and my boy. Imma happy kid.

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