YMCA: Belay

This weekend I came home for a hot second. My BF has started a new job working with Camp Cosby which is affiliated with the YMCA.  This weekend, work brought him and his buds back into town for an exciting Saturday in downtown Birmingham. Organizers there, are attempting to start a program that will incorporate more fruits and vegetables onto school lunch menus AND aid in getting children more exercise. Did you know that kids don’t have P.E. everyday? Shocking, I know. Let me be honest, I remember the days of Jump Rope for Heart, 4 square, wall ball, kickball, and the ROPE (that was my favorite).

So what were we doing there, right? My boyfriend and his friends were belaying kids (and some *ahem, adults) from the rock climbing wall. It was really cool. I’m no climber but I would love to be. It was so encouraging to see these tiny little girls out-climb there male counterparts. They would get so close to the top and then everyone in the room would start watching them and start cheering them and you can just feel their confidence grow – it was really cool.

This little boy has to be the cutest little guy I saw all day. He was precious and he told me that he was going all the way to the top.

What can I say, we were really quite popular…

A girls volleyball team showed up. Goodness, those girls can scream – especially when scared.

These were the Big Kids working the show. They did an awesome job. I just watched and took pictures. I didn’t want to put a harness on backwards.

So the YMCA handed out those Livestrong type bracelets that have Y5210 stamped on them. Me, be a natural lover of bracelets, still have mine on. This is what it means: Y: The Y is meant to incorporate the YMCA into the lives of many people all over Birmingham – people of different race, class, and financial standing , 5: 5 fruits and vegetable A DAY, 2: 2 hours of computer time A DAY, 1: 1 hour of strenuous exercise A DAY, and 0: 0 sugary drinks A DAY.

Today I am thankful for: sleep sometime soon — maybe in my not so distant future. Maybe I’m thankful for stamina. Final Review Boards are due Friday…

Listening to: Rihanna — Good Girl Gone Bad Album — Cry

PLTW — Y5210

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