Spring Break: NOLA

New Orleans. This was first time back since I was around 10 yrs old. I feel as though one cannot really claim a New Orleans experience unless they are over the age of 21 — it’s just a whole different city. And I loved it! One of my dearest friends, Miss Sara, is a local and she knew all the best spots to go to in order to get an authentic experience. We had less than 24 hours to explore the city … (not to mention the fact that she is still in school) and she took a little time off to be an over qualified tour guide.

We started the night off with frozen daiquiri’s from one of those awesome places where they have 50 different flavors spinning in one of those frosty/icee machines. I got one that mixed two different flavors. It was amazing! Watch out though, they make them with PGA (pure grain alcohol). We decided that it would be a good idea to eat some dinner and put some carbs in our system so we went to The Rum House and it was delicious!!! We started and ended with a fried fish tapa and it’s a glorified fish stick with a sweet glaze sauce on the side. It was soo good we had it for dessert, too. That’s just how we roll. We both got the Crab Melt sandwich. And after this meal we were both stuffed to the gills and though Bourbon Street would be a good idea… so off we went.

Yep, that’s right…. baby’s first hand granade 🙂 It was pretty bitter and once again, filled with PGA. We had such a good time.

So what better to cure a night of drinking than Cafe du Monde? That’s right, because we had to do all of the tourist-y things we possibly could, we filled up on delicious beignets. Really it was Powdered Sugar with a side of Beignets. They bring you a glass of water just so you have something to clean off with. Yum…. I love those things!


Today I am thankful for: procrastination. It will be the death of me, but hey, I get to visit my boyfriend at work in the woods. It definitely beats writing a graduate manuscript — whatever that is.

My beautiful friend, Sara. Best quote of the day:

A: Your base is like my highlighter.

S: Your base is my bronzer!

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