Exciting News…

Silly me, I forgot to bring my camera hook-up so I’m officially unable to load any pictures from my fabulous Spring Break until I get back into town (I’m such an irresponsible blogger). In the meantime, I thought I might share some exciting news with all of you… I’ve just recently accepted a fellowship to work in Shanghai for the Summer! How crazy is that? Tonight we went on a huge shopping spree in preparation; this adventure is already off on the right foot! I’ll tell you more, when I know more.


Today I am thankful for: getting to eat at DARWELL’S and for getting to see one of my besties in NOLA!


One thought on “Exciting News…

  1. woah, that’s so cool about your summer fellowship!! shanghai is one of the places at the top of my list. congrats!!

    and i haven’t seen the family stone yet. i’ll have to go look that up. thanks! 🙂

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