Lent has begun!

Being raised Roman Catholic, I always like to participate in Lent. I’ve done some crazy things for lent in the past such as: not eating bread (hoping for weight loss miracles), given up soft drinks, meat, and my bestie and I fasted from sun up to sun down — these were all during separate Lent occasions.

This year I have decided to give up the following:

This is one of my many loves…. sweet tea. But I drink way too much of it. I must cut it out of my life… at least for 40 days.

Ughhhh… Soft drinks — for the reason stated above. I love regular Coca-Cola. So for now, it’s only gonna be Diet. Which I know still has all the really bad chemicals but I need something to get me through long studio days and nights.

Ok, ok… I’m giving up meat, gasp; however, I will be a pescetarian. I mean come on, my dad’s moving down to the gulf… I can’t pass up on that opportunity. The reason — I’m trying to be more healthy. Food, Inc. scared the ba-jesus out of me and whenever I go to a fast food place I always end up getting something nasty and fried. This is just to revamp my eating strategies and find other healthy and hopefully organic alternatives. Plus, I need to learn to like salad. For real.

And things I’ve decided to take on:

Exercise. One might think I do this regularly, but it’s not true. I take two Leisure Skills classes during the week and Lord only knows that if I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to walk down the street without needing to stop and rest. I do yoga fairly regularly but I don’t usually think of that as a cardio workout. So, again, I’m going to attempt to start running more. Plus, I’m suppose to be training for the Country Music HALF Marathon in Nashville.


Today I am thankful for: Spring Break being around the corner.


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