Caesar’s Head State Park: Raven Cliff Fall’s

Before I got sick last weekend, my roomie and I went a hike with good friends and new friends. We went to Raven Cliff Falls. The weather was beautiful! Beware of the crazy switchbacks on the road on the way up. It was crazy. Tons of Bikers and cyclist were out. Below, was our little journey in search of the Falls and a Suspension Bridge. On the map above, we followed the Red, Blue, and Pink trail heads. We think… it was a little over 6 miles. A good 4 hour hike and not too much uphill 🙂

It was so nice just to stretch our legs and be outside. We had really been sitting inside our Studio for too long… we needed to get away from all the sick people.

The suspension bridge! It really wobbled. I loved it! I kinda want to build one now… any takers?

My girls and hiking buddies!!!! I love these people.

The Fall’s from the Lookout Tower. I had no idea that this is what the suspension bridge was looming over. I may have approached with a bit more caution. You can actually see the top of the suspension bridge if you look really hard — It’s in the middle towards the very top of this image.


Today I am thankful for: being home and seeing that my monster baby puppy is really on the mend. His stitches come out Monday!


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