Happy Valentine’s Day!

I sent my loved one’s some valentine’s day cards in the mail. They went all over the US. And these were just simple letter’s of love. I thought it would be nice to remind people that I love them. I don’t think that Valentine’s Day is about flowers, candies, and expensive dinners — now don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate all those things (except I’d rather have cake than candies) — but I thought that this Valentine’s would be much better appreciated if people actually knew that they were loved — really loved, by me. So I hope that you were told that you were loved by someone who loves you. And if not, I love you tons.

Have a wonderful and happy lovely Valentine’s Day. You are loved. I promise.


Today I am thankful for: having a boyfriend who would come and see me for the weekend. I am also thankful that I was able to make 96 cookies for my classmates last night. I think they all really liked them and they said silly things like, “you quack me up”.


Just a life update — my baby monster dog had surgery today. He swallowed a rubber duck head — the whole head. It made it all the way through his small intestines and stopped at his colon. He had a stopper in his pooper — and has now been renamed to the “Quack Attack”. He was in horrible shape. Luckily, I have a mom that took my baby to the doctor and he is staying there for TWO whole days. So if you’re the prayin’ type — please say a prayer for my little baby monster boy. Thanks.

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