Oh yes….

The last 24 hours have been perfect. I had the best weekend EVER! You’ll get to see all about it when I come back to Earth and get some sleep. I just had to share about my day. Now, back to the real world in less than 15 hours… all good things must come to an end.


Goodness, today I am thankful for: new friends, old friends, and everyone in between–and for happy run-in’s at Whole Foods.

Caesar’s Head State Park: Raven Cliff Fall’s

Before I got sick last weekend, my roomie and I went a hike with good friends and new friends. We went to Raven Cliff Falls. The weather was beautiful! Beware of the crazy switchbacks on the road on the way up. It was crazy. Tons of Bikers and cyclist were out. Below, was our little journey in search of the Falls and a Suspension Bridge. On the map above, we followed the Red, Blue, and Pink trail heads. We think… it was a little over 6 miles. A good 4 hour hike and not too much uphill 🙂

It was so nice just to stretch our legs and be outside. We had really been sitting inside our Studio for too long… we needed to get away from all the sick people.

The suspension bridge! It really wobbled. I loved it! I kinda want to build one now… any takers?

My girls and hiking buddies!!!! I love these people.

The Fall’s from the Lookout Tower. I had no idea that this is what the suspension bridge was looming over. I may have approached with a bit more caution. You can actually see the top of the suspension bridge if you look really hard — It’s in the middle towards the very top of this image.


Today I am thankful for: being home and seeing that my monster baby puppy is really on the mend. His stitches come out Monday!

Me as an Android Character

Y’all my boyfriend made me into an android character today! And as I start looking at it… it really is me. I’ve got my Aviator’s on, my favorite plaid flannel shirt on, blue jeans (of course), and a pair of flats! This cracks me up! I’m not so sure about those pig tails, though…


Today I am thankful for: starting on antibiotics 🙂

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Well I guess my body was a ticking time bomb just waiting to go off. Everyone in studio has been getting sick… I was hoping my super strong immune system would fight off all of my studio people’s nasty germs… but no. I don’t know what I have. It could be what my mother calls “The Crud” or “The Bug” that has been going around, or my own theory — A sinus infection. I’m trying to fight it off for a day or two because I really hate having to take antibiotics–even though the after effects are so wonderful. So to quote one of my favorite TV shows, Big Bang Theory, “I’m siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick.”

“Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur, happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr.” — I hope that some of you know this reference.


Today I am thankful: for, if nothing else, at least my sickliness has gotten me out of training today. It was a 4 mile day. Oh, and for the invention of antibiotics. Stay healthy, people. PLTW.

Food Team: The Smoking Pig

Woohoo! So my buddy Mitchell told me about this awesome BBQ place on the way to Anderson. So last weekend my boyfriend and I decided that we would try it out and it was–HANDS DOWN–Awesome! So I took a few pics and decided that Food Team would have to come here! So… Food Team had its first official semester meeting last night.

  • The Place: The Smokin’ Pig
  • The Food: Awesome BBQ
  • The Location: 6630 U.S. 76 North (Anderson Highway)
  • The Hours: 11 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Thursday through Saturday
  • The Digits: 864.787.7827 or 864.646.5150

We decided to go on a Friday night at 7:00 p.m. right after the Opening Baseball Game of the Season (good call Food Team Cap’n). Needless to say there was a line out the door. There are a mixture of people there: families, old guys, and, of course, college kids. In the two rooms dedicated for seating (none of which can be saved or reserved before you order) our group of 14 were had a difficult time finding a picnic table (oh yes, picnic table) that would fit all of us. Unfortunately we had to split up. But for a while we were rolling 5 deep on each side. Now onto the food!

Above is a pic of my dish: Chop Pork plate with two sides — fried okra and their famous (as deemed by me) ‘Nana Puddin’. And then my boyfriend got the Chop Pork sandwich with a side of okra. It was delightful. The pork was moist and full of flavor. The rolls are made fresh and then slathered with butter. I saw them coming out of the oven last night.

Now something that South Carolinian’s will appreciate, they have all of the Carolina sauces. The have the Mustard based (Low Country), the Vinegar based (Midlands), and the Sweet Based (Upstate). I tried them all. I really liked the sweet and then I mixed it with the vinegar and then I still really enjoyed the mustard. Yummmmm…

Now, let’s take another look at this beautiful Banana Pudding. DELICIOUS. I seriously wanted to lick this little Styrofoam bowl but then thought  better of it.  You can also take a to-go order with you. I love that stuff!

I think it goes without saying that I really enjoyed this place and I cleaned my plate thoroughly 🙂 I forgot to mention, there sweet tea is great too, I must’ve been too overwhelmed by the yummy food in front of me.

My friendly food team (+/- a few).


Today I am thankful for: 12 hours of sleep after an all-nighter AND for a beautiful 70+ degree day that allowed me to go hiking!


Guess what, y’all? I made a REAL Green Monster today!! You remember this post? Well I have finally figured it out…

Here’s the recipe:

  • 4 Banana’s (I like for my smoothies to have a little “girth”)
  • some milk (about a cup maybe)
  • 2.5 handfuls of spinich
  • some oats — about a handful
  • 1 container of Chobani Greek yogurt
  • about a tablespoon of honey
  • and then for some added weight I added some frozen mango’s

Get into it! It’s sooooo healthy. I think. I mean it doesn’t have any fake sugars and it’s made up of things that everyone can pronounce. What’s not to love? Get involved. Get behind the movement!


Today I am thankful that: my baby monster dog is feeling better. He is still at the doctor but he is eating and drinking again.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I sent my loved one’s some valentine’s day cards in the mail. They went all over the US. And these were just simple letter’s of love. I thought it would be nice to remind people that I love them. I don’t think that Valentine’s Day is about flowers, candies, and expensive dinners — now don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate all those things (except I’d rather have cake than candies) — but I thought that this Valentine’s would be much better appreciated if people actually knew that they were loved — really loved, by me. So I hope that you were told that you were loved by someone who loves you. And if not, I love you tons.

Have a wonderful and happy lovely Valentine’s Day. You are loved. I promise.


Today I am thankful for: having a boyfriend who would come and see me for the weekend. I am also thankful that I was able to make 96 cookies for my classmates last night. I think they all really liked them and they said silly things like, “you quack me up”.


Just a life update — my baby monster dog had surgery today. He swallowed a rubber duck head — the whole head. It made it all the way through his small intestines and stopped at his colon. He had a stopper in his pooper — and has now been renamed to the “Quack Attack”. He was in horrible shape. Luckily, I have a mom that took my baby to the doctor and he is staying there for TWO whole days. So if you’re the prayin’ type — please say a prayer for my little baby monster boy. Thanks.

Guest Post

My best friend asked me to be a guest writer on her blog; this blog. I thought for a while about what I would like to share with the world and I kept coming back to the only exciting thing I have ever done: Travel. As everyone who knows us understands, Allison and I come as a pair. I am the photographer who shoots people and she is the one who captures the landscape. I think it is probably because she is more artistic than me and because I like people more than she does. Additionally, I have been missing being near water recently. This is my attempt to introduce you to my favorite places in the world near water, in no particular order, without showing you any people (this is Allison’s blog after all).

First there is Venice. It is a beautiful city where my best friend took me on a gondola ride. Surely this means we will be friends forever.

Cinq Terra is another beautiful town in Italy. Allison and I went their separately but we both came back knowing that it is a place where we would like to spend our summers when we have made our millions.

Lake Geneva in Switzerland is another one of my favorite places. It is so quiet out on the water and there are these huge mountains looming in the background. The natives don’t appear to notice the mountains anymore, but they are truly breathtaking.

Interlaken, Switzerland is known for its extreme sports. While I was there were went canyoning, which if you don’t know what it is you should click here. Another really great part of Interlaken is the series of lakes which you can boat through.

To complete this top five is Bempton Cliffs. These cliffs are in England and are a fixture in my childhood memories. I cannot count the number of times that I have walked along them and each time they become more and more beautiful.


Today I am thankful for: a little time to breathe.



Being a good ole gal from the the South, I love hearing Southern words. Especially one’s that my Northern friend’s have a hard time understanding. Here are some that I found online. I didn’t even realize that some of these are southern. They have just always been a part of my vernacular. And that makes me happy.

AIM TO- plan to do
BITTY BIT- a small amount
CARRY ON- to carry on foolishness
CLODHOPPER- heavy work shoes or large shoes
CHUNK- throw, toss
‘COON- Raccoon.
COW LICK- hair standing out on one’s head.
DIRECTLY- in a little while, or a couple of weeks
DIXIE- Southern States of the U.S.A
DO-HICKY- substitute name. Like the terms whata-ma-call-it or thinga-ma-jig
FALLING OUT- disagreement
FEISTY- being frisky
FIXING TO- about to
HEY- hello
HOLD YOUR HORSES- (be patient)
HONEY- affectionate term
LAID UP- ill, hurt, unable to work
MESS-one who carries on, “He’s a mess.”
MUCH OBLIGED- thank you; hope to return the favor
PIDDLE- waste time, doing nothing
PLAYING POSSUM- playing dead
RECKON- think or supose so.
SHINDIG- dance or celebration
SMOKEHOUSE- Shed with a dirt floor where pork and other meats is cured, and then smoked.
SORRY- inferior quality, worthless, and lazy
SOUTHERN BELLE- Southern lady
SPRING CHICKEN- young thing
SWEET TALKING THING- has a good line
TIGHT- stingy with money
WAIT ON- serve or assist
WART-TAKER-one who removes warts by charms or incantations
WHITE LIGHTNING- moonshine whiskey
WORRY-WART- one who is annoying
YA’LL or Y’ALL (can be spelled both ways)- you all, two or more people


Today I am thankful for: being up so bright and early. I have so much to accomplish today!

The Green Monster?

So I’ve been reading in my blog feed about this thing called… The Green Monster Movement. What in the world? I’ve seen it here, and here. So I said, “Self, it’s time you started drinking something green, monstrous, and … healthy.” So I gathered my ingredients.

So I’ve made this drink twice and you’ll see why in a second. Here are the ingredient I gathered each time.

  • 2 handfuls of spinach {spinach is a hard word to spell}
  • some petite carrots
  • some frozen blueberries
  • some frozen mixed berries
  • 3 big old dollops of greek yogurt
  • some apple juice
  • some oats

And then round 2 I used these ingredients:

  • 1 handful of spinach
  • some blueberries
  • some apple juice
  • some 2% milk — not much
  • maybe a tablespoon or 2 of honey
  • 2 big ole dollops of greek yogurt
  • some more oats
  • some pomegranates {another equally difficult word to spell}
  • and my prize ingredient that I forgot before … 2 banana’s

And then you’re not going to believe this… Just look at the color!!! It’s not a beautiful green… It’s a hideous vomitous nasteous color. I want a green smoothie. Not a brownish-purple smoothie. HELP.


Today I am thankful that: my Green/Brown monster tastes better than the first one I made.