Style Icon: Katie Holmes

Believe it or not, I have a style icon… and it’s Katie Holmes. I like how she dresses comfortably and yet very stylishly. She uses very classic pieces in her closet that might otherwise be considered plain by itself and then she pairs it with an awesome bag or scarf … or she’ll bring out the plain and do all neutrals or blacks. I like that she doesn’t look as though she has spent an hour standing in her closet wondering what to wear or another hour doing her hair and make up. She makes it look easy. I like that. I think that she is a super cool chick.

If I had to comment on my own style, I would have to say it’s comfortable and convenient. I don’t try too hard to do anything special… but I think Ms. Holmes could help me do the day-to-day dressing a bit more effortlessly and stylishly.

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Today I am thankful for: getting back to the grind. I’m one of those people who does best when they are on a schedule and life just got a whole lot busier… again.


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