Atlanta, GA: The Porter

A weekend ago I was in ATL. AS per usual when I’m in ATL, I get a little overwhelmed. I know that Atlanta has a lot to offer — other than the stereotypical traffic jams that lock up the interstates for hours — for me though, it’s hard to know because the city is SO big. So I called on my friend Libby (who is an ATL lover) and asked for a good place to grab a bite. And she recommended The Porter Beer Bar in little Five Points. So I’m thinking, ok great… a bar, with bar food — this’ll be great BUT I’m Hungry! Oh, was I wrong. This place was more than just a Bar.

I was able to order my new favorite drink of choice: Blanton’s on the rocks — a Single Barrel Bourbon that was introduced to me by this guy. All of the drinks are served in old jelly jars or in mason jars — similarly there lights that lined the bar were made out of mason jars with light bulbs inside. And the menu is on a clipboard — I LOVE IT. Look at what we ordered!

Yummmmm… some Goat Cheese Fritters.

Sorry for the dark image — I don’t believe in flash photography. These are BELGIAN fries and they reminded me a lot of the fries I had at the Tattooed Moose. Don’t plan on kissing anyone after you eat these because they are super strong and SUPER good. They are “herb & garlic oil [fries], [with a] charred onion mayo”. Oh I just can’t say enough about these fries. They are sooooo good. Just look at that sauce waiting for me to dip into it. YUM.

And last but not least, my favorite — Sweet Potato Ravioli with butter and sage. I love the “sweet and savory”. Does it get any better than that. Oh these were so good. I didn’t want it to end. It’s funny how I talk about food as though it is a “moment”. I love food.  Anyway… I loved this place. It was in this cool and funky neighborhood and everything was just wonderful. It felt so European. Please go visit — it’s a must. And expect a wait — that’s a must too. Visit The Porter website and even their blog. And you can find them at: 1156 Euclid Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30307.

We loved the lighting so much inside The Porter that we decided to go home and make it ourselves. Look at what my handy-man made me!!


Today I am Thankful for: my physical fitness test. A healthy reminder in one of my classes that we can always do better. Although… 27 push up in a minute — I’m kinda proud of myself.


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