Movies and more movies… in review

As many of us know, we recently just had a snow storm. So instead of being productive and attempting to get work done… I watched movies instead. Some good, some bad — all provided by Netflix. So here is my review.

Chariots of Fire: I know that this is a good movie, or at least… I remember it being a good movie. But 1.5 hours into it… I got really bored and then I was really upset that there was still an hour to go… this gets  a 3 star rating.

Did you hear about the Morgans: This one was kinda cute but unfortunately I kinda feel as though Sarah Jessica Parker always plays the same character in all of her movies. And I find that to be more than a little annoying. But I do love Hugh Grant… who also plays a lot of similar characters. It filled my need for a  great RomCom. A new word that a dear friend of mine just introduced to me. It means Romantic Comedy. This get’s a 3 star rating

I’m reed fish: Yuck. I just wasn’t very impressed and because it had cute little Rory in it, I thought it would be really good. It wasn’t. This get’s a 1 star rating.

Jerry McGuire: I know, I know. Didn’t I see this in the 90s when it came out? The answer is no. I was trying to catch up on some oldies. This one was pretty good. Tom Cruise is still a little nut-so but I like this movie. And Cuba Gooding Jr. — rocked. I never seen him play a role like that. It made me laugh. This movie gets a 4 star rating.

Matchstick Men: Thumbs-down Brown! I didn’t like this at all! I made it through all of 15 minutes. But I guess I really have no interest in Con-men or Nicholas Cage. This movie gets a 1 star rating — if that.

The Dutchess: Loved it! It was a good time/period film and it was exactly what I was looking. Soemthing a little similar to Pride & Prejudice and yet something a little different. It was very sad, I have to warn you. Nonetheless — it was very good. This film gets a 4.5 star rating.

The Ugly Truth: BAD. It just wasn’t a good chick flick. You know what’s going to happen. Spare yourself the time. This film gets a 1.5 star rating.

Young Victoria: This film ROCKS. It’s an awesome chick flick. AND it’s very woman empowering. This film gets a 5 star rating.

Vanity Fair: Boo. This film looks really good and then it just ends up disappointing you. Don’t watch it. Reese belongs in Modern films not period pieces. This film gets a 1 star rating.


Today, I am thankful: that all of my roommates are back in town.


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