I made homemade Gnocci!!

Y’all should all be impressed with me. My buddy (Libby) and I decided that yesterday was the day for some homemade cooking! We made homemade Gnocci from scratch and added my mother’s delicious Tomato Sauce on top AND then, for dessert we had… Apple Cake with Caramel Icing. Oh. My. Goodness —  we were stuffed to the gills. Seriously, it hurt we were all so full.

We cooked 4 lbs of potatoes and then added butter, flour, egg and mixed that up. And then, on a super floured surface we rolled out the dough almost like a sausage and then cut up the bits of gnocci.

Then we let gnocci cook for about 3 minutes in boiling water.

While we were cooking, we let Momma’s Sauce do it’s thing and simmer on the stove.

Next, we put the gnocci into a wok and added the sauce. YUMMMY.

And afterwards we ate loads of cake. I think this was one of the best dinner’s of the year. Pat on the back… to me!


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