So I’ve been a little stressed out lately. And it’s always due to my own procrastination. Do you ever feel like you there is just not enough time in the day? That you have more things to do than there are enough hours in the day to do them? I’m trying to re-create my portfolio and I cannot find any of the files that I need. I’m stressed to say the least… breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaathe


Today I am thankful for: the fact that this picture reminds me of Daddy (and he has nerves of steel).

Style Icon: Katie Holmes

Believe it or not, I have a style icon… and it’s Katie Holmes. I like how she dresses comfortably and yet very stylishly. She uses very classic pieces in her closet that might otherwise be considered plain by itself and then she pairs it with an awesome bag or scarf … or she’ll bring out the plain and do all neutrals or blacks. I like that she doesn’t look as though she has spent an hour standing in her closet wondering what to wear or another hour doing her hair and make up. She makes it look easy. I like that. I think that she is a super cool chick.

If I had to comment on my own style, I would have to say it’s comfortable and convenient. I don’t try too hard to do anything special… but I think Ms. Holmes could help me do the day-to-day dressing a bit more effortlessly and stylishly.

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Today I am thankful for: getting back to the grind. I’m one of those people who does best when they are on a schedule and life just got a whole lot busier… again.

Trying to Re-Create Your Resume?

Last semester for class research, my friend and I decided that we would email architecture firms and see what their expectations were when looking at post-graduate resumes. As I am about to start looking over my own resume and I thought their comments might be helpful for you as well. Something to Note: These comments were from local South Carolina architecture firms. It should not be assumed that these comments are the consensus for all business types; however, they are more particular towards design firms.

What are the least effective attributes of a resume?

  • Long verbal descriptions….self lauditory claims.
  • Personal logos Too personalized Too theoretical Design philosophy
  • Unnecessary graphics. Listing professors as references.
  • Incorrect spelling
  • Lengthly resumes that go into too much detail
  • Objectives and references
  • One that makes the reader rotate the page to read
  • Over design to impress
  • References
  • Students who want to add personal style
  • When people try to be cute or clever and complicate the conveyance of info
  • Do not attempt to “flower up” work experience, be factual. Highlight strong skills and work ethic.
  • Format that is not 8-1/2 x 11 size, not a professional format, too much emphasis on showing off your graphic design skills, and project examples that read as meaningless graphics.
  • Meaningless words, for example including an objective section that is so obvious that its insulting. it is very ineffective when a resume works so hard to be different but doesn’t pull it off with superb craftsmanship.

What advice can you give to recent architecture graduates regarding resume development?

  • Be clear and concise
  • Do not be afraid to show some of your work. Use photography to exhibit your skill and experience
  • Make sure that you do not have any spelling errors or grammatical mistakes.
  • Focus on work exp
  • Maintain a positive attitude in the printed presentation as well as the personal presentation.
  • Subscribe to Before and After Magazine ( or start looking at graphic design blogs online, and learn how to do things that are simple and beautiful. write competent-sounding, interesting and interested-sounding cover letters. the way you write is a huge part of the way the employer views you. always use the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. dont ever, ever, ever use drafting dots on your portfolio or resume. it is not cute or clever. dont include teeny tiny text or images. text should be legible but not oversized, images should be big enough to really do justice to the work. i would never recommend putting more than 4 images on an 8.5×11 sheet of paper. one is best. up to three is fine if they are related to each other. dont come up with some fancy format for your portfolio and then dump millions of pictures and graphics into it. people want to see your work, beautifully displayed. they dont want to see a complex format that makes the work difficult to see. Finally, dont think the resume or portfolio will stand for themselves. they are just your passport to get in the door. what you are selling is YOU, so its the person-to-person contact, whether over the phone or in person, that’s going to get you hired. call once to twice a week until you get either an interview or a ‘not interested’. always be supremely respectful of them and their time in your communication with them.
  • Have someone outside the profession review (and proof read) your materials. Anyone should be able to understand the intent of the document. Keep things concise. If you do not have direct experience then look into highlighting continuing education or conferences attended.
  • Get real work/life experience Get Revit/BIM trained Show passion Show leadership Show intelligence/GPA
  • Don’t spend so much time and effort trying to come up with some tricky graphic design and odd format printed on unique paper. You will not be hired based on your skills as a graphic designer so just give us a direct, clear and concise summary of your qualifications and best architectural work to date.
  • Work on the pictures, computer skills,and enthusiasm. Try to look competent….not flashy. Good luck!
  • Make your resume read as easily as a business student’s resume, kick it up with well though out fonts, page structure, etc
  • Be creative, but don’t get too cute. Use the spell check function before finalizing. If there are specific areas of interest, include that in your cover letter.
  • A resume is useless unless you get it to the person that matters. when possible, present your resume in person and ask for 5 minutes to say hello. you will likely be remember more easily. strong, relevant references are important.





Interestingly enough, when asked which resume firms preferred (between Template 1-4); firms almost always chose the simple plain, basic one to any other that was more creative or had slight variations in color or design. They want boring. I just really don’t want to give it to them. I’m such a rebel.

Birmingham, AL: The Mountain


Y’all. You have to check out this new radio station that’s local to Birmingham, AL. They play some of the best music EVER. Some of it’s underground, some is 90s, some is local stuff, some Indie Rock, and some alternative music. Do you remember Reg’s Coffee House? He’s on there too! Oh, it’s the best EVER!

The Mountain

Birmingham's Best 2010

The Mountain was actually nominated as the BEST radio station in Birmingham. AND they aren’t even on the Radio! They are only online. GENIUS. Check out all of Birmingham’s Best here. I agree with some of the list, not so much with others. Nonetheless… It’s still a pretty good list.


Today I am thankful for: Awesome new music found by my boyfriend.


Atlanta, GA: The Porter

A weekend ago I was in ATL. AS per usual when I’m in ATL, I get a little overwhelmed. I know that Atlanta has a lot to offer — other than the stereotypical traffic jams that lock up the interstates for hours — for me though, it’s hard to know because the city is SO big. So I called on my friend Libby (who is an ATL lover) and asked for a good place to grab a bite. And she recommended The Porter Beer Bar in little Five Points. So I’m thinking, ok great… a bar, with bar food — this’ll be great BUT I’m Hungry! Oh, was I wrong. This place was more than just a Bar.

I was able to order my new favorite drink of choice: Blanton’s on the rocks — a Single Barrel Bourbon that was introduced to me by this guy. All of the drinks are served in old jelly jars or in mason jars — similarly there lights that lined the bar were made out of mason jars with light bulbs inside. And the menu is on a clipboard — I LOVE IT. Look at what we ordered!

Yummmmm… some Goat Cheese Fritters.

Sorry for the dark image — I don’t believe in flash photography. These are BELGIAN fries and they reminded me a lot of the fries I had at the Tattooed Moose. Don’t plan on kissing anyone after you eat these because they are super strong and SUPER good. They are “herb & garlic oil [fries], [with a] charred onion mayo”. Oh I just can’t say enough about these fries. They are sooooo good. Just look at that sauce waiting for me to dip into it. YUM.

And last but not least, my favorite — Sweet Potato Ravioli with butter and sage. I love the “sweet and savory”. Does it get any better than that. Oh these were so good. I didn’t want it to end. It’s funny how I talk about food as though it is a “moment”. I love food.  Anyway… I loved this place. It was in this cool and funky neighborhood and everything was just wonderful. It felt so European. Please go visit — it’s a must. And expect a wait — that’s a must too. Visit The Porter website and even their blog. And you can find them at: 1156 Euclid Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30307.

We loved the lighting so much inside The Porter that we decided to go home and make it ourselves. Look at what my handy-man made me!!


Today I am Thankful for: my physical fitness test. A healthy reminder in one of my classes that we can always do better. Although… 27 push up in a minute — I’m kinda proud of myself.


We were a little bored…

Like I said, we were a little bored in class. We didn’t know that our class yesterday would be quite so… mind numbingly un-interesting. I think that often happens in the beginning of classes because professors are just dying to give us busy-work. GROSS. I laugh at busy-work and intentional make my work a bit more silly. I happen to be one of those people who can’t hide their feelings on their faces. So instead of falling asleep or leaving or looking absolutley uniterested… me and my fellow grad-students started playing a little game. So, of course, I got the giggling fits.

Yep, making perfectly good use of my education.


Today I am thankful for: the fact that that class is finally OVER.

Movies and more movies… in review

As many of us know, we recently just had a snow storm. So instead of being productive and attempting to get work done… I watched movies instead. Some good, some bad — all provided by Netflix. So here is my review.

Chariots of Fire: I know that this is a good movie, or at least… I remember it being a good movie. But 1.5 hours into it… I got really bored and then I was really upset that there was still an hour to go… this gets  a 3 star rating.

Did you hear about the Morgans: This one was kinda cute but unfortunately I kinda feel as though Sarah Jessica Parker always plays the same character in all of her movies. And I find that to be more than a little annoying. But I do love Hugh Grant… who also plays a lot of similar characters. It filled my need for a  great RomCom. A new word that a dear friend of mine just introduced to me. It means Romantic Comedy. This get’s a 3 star rating

I’m reed fish: Yuck. I just wasn’t very impressed and because it had cute little Rory in it, I thought it would be really good. It wasn’t. This get’s a 1 star rating.

Jerry McGuire: I know, I know. Didn’t I see this in the 90s when it came out? The answer is no. I was trying to catch up on some oldies. This one was pretty good. Tom Cruise is still a little nut-so but I like this movie. And Cuba Gooding Jr. — rocked. I never seen him play a role like that. It made me laugh. This movie gets a 4 star rating.

Matchstick Men: Thumbs-down Brown! I didn’t like this at all! I made it through all of 15 minutes. But I guess I really have no interest in Con-men or Nicholas Cage. This movie gets a 1 star rating — if that.

The Dutchess: Loved it! It was a good time/period film and it was exactly what I was looking. Soemthing a little similar to Pride & Prejudice and yet something a little different. It was very sad, I have to warn you. Nonetheless — it was very good. This film gets a 4.5 star rating.

The Ugly Truth: BAD. It just wasn’t a good chick flick. You know what’s going to happen. Spare yourself the time. This film gets a 1.5 star rating.

Young Victoria: This film ROCKS. It’s an awesome chick flick. AND it’s very woman empowering. This film gets a 5 star rating.

Vanity Fair: Boo. This film looks really good and then it just ends up disappointing you. Don’t watch it. Reese belongs in Modern films not period pieces. This film gets a 1 star rating.


Today, I am thankful: that all of my roommates are back in town.

116 Days…

Hallelujah!!! 2 days ago I started my final semester of graduate school. And now, I only have 116 days, 12 hours, and 1 minute until I graduate. It cannot happen soon enough.

Now that I’ve started school, I think it’s time for a vacation 🙂


I am thankful: that my boyfriend is in town this weekend.

2011: New Year’s Resolution

I know, it’s a little late to be talking about all of this but… better late than never. Here is my list for 2011:

  1. Swear Less – I swear like a sailor. Sometime’s I think I can’t help it. But I can. It’s tacky and not classy and set’s a horrible example to others and it leaves a horrible first impression. So just to get it out of the way… Fuck. That’s probably the one I use most often and as a child I thought it was the worse one. Tacky, Tacky, Tacky.
  2. When I make a new post I’d like to end with something I’m thankful for. We should all be reminded.
  3. Ughhh… I have to learn to budget my money and stopping leaning on my parent’s. It’s time for me to stand up straight and grow up.
  4. I’m going to try and enjoy my loved ones. It’s hard to find balance in relationships. I’m going to work harder at it and hopefully remind people that I am still friends with them and that I still love them. I hope that they haven’t forgotten.
  5. I really want to read more. I think it says something about a person to be well read. I’ll try and do a better job of this.
  6. Travel the country. I constantly want to leave the country but I have learned that there are still many areas that have not been explored, cultures I have not seen, and people I haven’t had the chance to speak with. I want more adventure in my life. I hope to find it soon.
  7. And of course, I want to get in shape. In order to help me, I’m taking 2 leisure skills classes: Core Training and Power Yoga. Let’s hope it works. At some point this year I would like to run a half marathon. It’s possible. I just have to train for it. And I will.


What I am thankful for today: I am thankful that I got at least one snow day from school.

We were in search of a Lake…

Not too long ago we were Echola, AL… in search of a lake. Always a lake… So we took a few detours. We did a little off-roading, managing not to get stuck because we kept on moving. The advice given to me was to never stop, keep moving, and don’t get stuck. Words of wisdom.

So after that quick little jaunt, we kept pressing forward to find Lake Lurleen ( a lake that could only be seen by my friends iPhone). And yet we were in a place, out in the sticks of Alabama hoping to find good finds. And we did.

Who knew we would come across a board meeting? I like this… all pretense fading–nothing stuffy and abnoxious about this. Maybe more board meetings should be like this.

I love that there is a suggestion box. It makes me so happy for some reason. I should keep one by my desk.

And then, after much anticipation… WE FOUND THE LAKE. It was quite pretty. No one was around — and I mean, NO ONE. I think that it would be much more enjoyable if we had been there in the summer time. They have a “beach” and everything. And it was a state park… in the middle of nowhere. Who knew? I love roadtrips. Maybe I can go on one this weekend in honor of MLK.

p.s. I have to go back to school tomorrow. I think the snow came 3 days too early. I was hoping we would at least get to start back next tuesday. Wishful thinking… as always.