I am a Cake Fairy, Dammit.

Yeah, I bet you never would’ve guessed it. But… I. AM. A. CAKE. FAIRY. I deliver cake when people least expect it and I brighten their day–I am like sunshine on a cloudy day. I bet you wish you had a cake fairy. If you live near me… you could be next. Hmmm…. I LOVE CAKE. Now, I have a story to tell:

Once upon a time in fairy land, there was this little girl named Libby. Libby loved cake almost as much as the cake fairy. She had been working very hard helping out the elderly and writing a Big Bad Dissertation. On a cold winter day the fairy decided that she would visit this little girl and give her a gift–The Gift of Cake (see below).

The fairy dropped off the cake at Libby’s home and was greeted by a very big friendly kitty named Mr. Harrison. He greeted the cake fairy and gave her a story of warning–there were evil creatures lurking in the forests and they were furry and wore masks. They looked something like this… (see below). — hoodlum’s…

This description made the fairy a little weary but she gave Mr. Harrison the charge of protecting the cake. Next thing the fairy knew, the little girl was crying over STOLEN CAKE (see below). Poor Mr. Harrison, I’m sure he did what he could.

And the cake fairy received a message from the little girl: Dear Neighborhood Cake Fairy, I’m sure the cake was delicious. The [masked bandits] thoroughly enjoyed it before I got home. I very much appreciate the thought, wish I could have tasted it! Much Love, Libby

The masked bandits made away with the precious spice cake with beautiful white whipped frosting. The fairy came up with a plan. She would construct a protective barrier around the cake (see below).

The cake had to remain protected (see below).

And she left the cake with a warning message (see below).

The protective barrier worked and the enchanted cake made it inside the little girl’s home —  safe and sound!! The towns people cried with joy–“YIPPEE” they said. The little girl could have her cake and eat it too! All rejoiced as the cake made it safely inside the little girls home (see below). The cake fairy did her job. And everyone lived happily ever after.


This is what happens what when people are used to an 18 hour schedule and then find themselves with nothing to do.

I’m off on a short Va-cay to the Farm (which we all know has my heart) and then off to the lovely state of Mississippi. I’ll check in with y’all soon!


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