Sol y Luna — The Best Margarita in Town

This is SOL Y LUNA. It’s the best tapa’s place in town AND the best Margarita Bar in town. If you want to call it a bar. It’s an amazing hole in the wall restaurant. You can find it here at: 2811 7th Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35233. You’ll definitely want to call for reservations.

Sol y Luna: Dinner Menu

Sol y Luna: Tequila Menu

This is the Sol y Luna Margarita. It is sooooooo yummy and it’s spicy. It has this really great heat when you drink it. I could have a dozen of them… but then I definitely wouldn’t be able to walk out of the restaurant. For my 21st birthday I had the tequila sampler. It was sooOOOoo good. Everything here is wonderful. And while I’ve been talking a lot about their top shelf delicious drinks… their food is wonderful too. Apparently there is a list of 100 things you must eat in Alabama, and their Lobster Soft Taco’s are on the list. It’s what I always get and its the best. AND oddly enough…. I don’t like South American food. Or at least I thought I didn’t. Try it. You’ll love it. And get a Margarita!!

p.s. It’s icy cold here.

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