My boyfriend has a gift — making what we have deemed an AWESOME BURGER. I won’t share what the secret is. But I’ll give you some helpful hints with these pictures. This is the stovetop edition — it was just too cold to be outside. We usually do them on the grill but since I got this awesome Grilling Plate from William-Sonoma we did them inside… and they might be one of the new secrets to keeping your burger yummy and juicy. If you love to grill I would suggest you add one of these bad boys to your Christmas wishlist. It really has made a difference!

1/4 lb. patties. Oh how yummy. Here the are simmering in their juices. DE-licious.

The beauty of a grilling pan. **hint hint — that’s feta cheese melting over those burgers.

Placing the burger onto the bun and looking good!

And then all the final touches! OMG — how yummy!

2 thoughts on “AWESOME BURGERS

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