An amazing cupCAKE…

I LOVE CAKE. This is no secret. Rarely does cake take me by surprise. UNTIL… a wonderful friend of ours brought over Thanksgiving cupcakes that she picked up from a wonderful bakery in downtown Homewood–DreamCakes. There were several different flavors that took me by surprise… I’m just so used to the generic white cupcake with gross packed on icing. These were wonderful–beyond wonderful, there was a pumpkin one, then there was a gingerbread one, then there was… a ton of other good stuff. BUT there was an even better one that I had never EVER tasted before.

If we are grading on a 10 point scale where 10 is the highest then… this cupCAKE gets: 10 points for Creativity, 10 points for Appearance (before it appeared on my plate), 10 points for Flavor, and 10 points for FrostingCake ratio (one of the more important ratio’s in life) and a whopping 10 points for the Surprise Factor.

What kind of cupCAKE is this? A Peanut Butter and Jelly cupCAKE

What was the surprise? A jelly filled cupCAKE.

Want to hear some of their other delicious flavors?

CHRISTMAS CAROL: Cranberry orange cake with an orange buttercream and candied orange peel on the top.

WHITE CHRISTMAS: White velvet cake topped with a peppermint buttercream and peppermint candy.

COCONUT CREAM: White velvet cake, coconut frosting, topped with fresh coconut.

WEDDING CAKE: White velvet cake, almond buttercream filling and icing & topped with pearlized sparkling sugar.

CURIOUS GEORGE: Banana cake with peanut butter frosting, topped with candy bananas.

NAUGHTY & NICE: Chocolate and vanilla marble cake, topped and filled with vanilla and chocolate frosting.

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