Long Beach, MS: Darwell’s Café

So there is this awesome cafe that my dad took me to when went and visited Gulfport, MS. I think it’s actually located in Long Beach — but that’s neither here nor there… He told me that this is the local hot spot and they serve the best food… EVER. And guess what ?? They have even been on Diner’s, Drive-In’s, and Dive’s.

The Place: Darwell’s Cafe

The Mission: To serve Bad Ass food to all who seek it.

The Menu: see below

Darwell's Cafe Menu

I never saw this menu when I walked in the door. I just saw a bunch of things on old-school neon colored Poster Board.

So we ordered our food, (which you’ll see a bit later) and then we go to get our drinks. And who serves them up? None other than Young Darwell, himself. My dad gets his typical Styrofoam cup; however, for all of the women who come in get their very own personalized cup that has been drawn on by Papa Darwell — who hangs out at this hotspot as well.  How cool is that? Oh, and this is the best part… they don’t have Rootbeer on “tap” so they serve it ice cold out of the can. Darwell told me that I could have as many as I wanted AND that I could even take 1 or 2 for the road when we left. Ahhhhhh, I love this place.

AAC Darwell CupsYep, you have to be jealous.

AAC Blackened Dish

My dad ordered the shrimp, crabmeat, and blackened beeftips. It was a special and maybe one of the best dishes I have ever had. I, typically, don’t order anything blackened because all too often chef’s seemingly think that blackened means burning whatever it is that you are cooking. Well well well. Not at Darwell’s. The beef was absolutely de-vine and it was seasoned to perfection (Oh, Mr. Darwell — tell me your secrets). The crab meat was perfectly tender and the shrimp was literally to die for. YUM.

AAC Cheeseburger Club Sandwich

This my friends is a Cheeseburger Club Sandwich. I, unknowingly, didn’t go with delicious seafood but went with something a bit unusual. A Cheeseburger Club Sandwich. It had grilled sliced ham and lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, maybe some bacon (I don’t remember) and a cheeseburger, of course. I was so delighfully surprised. Now, I know, that the best burger is an Awesome Burger. See this post. But this has to be a very very close second. Oh, it was so good. My dad and I split our meals so that we could share … somewhat equally — he’s a good sharer. I. Am. Not.

The atmosphere is great. They come and find you when your food is ready. It’s both indoors and outdoors. We ate indoors. But in both places you’ll find your share of really great Kitche Artwork. And outside you’ll see some sign that were left over from when Hurricane Katrina passed through Long Beach, MS.

AAC Darwell's Indoors

AAC Darwell's Outdoors

Ok now a video that you will just want to see so that you can go down to Darwell’s with more than just my word. Let’s go with someone famous… like Guy Fieri. You have to believe him, because I say so.

I guess Anthony Bourdain said it right —  and these guys listened. A big thank you to Darwell’s from me and my Pop’s. It was lovely. Check them out here!!

A Powerful Woman’s Motto

Guess what, y’all? I made it to my 100th post! So I thought I should probably leave you with a good quote that I want made into a T-shirt.

Live your life in such a way that when your feet hit the floor in the morning,
Satan shudders & says, “Oh, shit. She’s awake!!!”

Roll Tide

Everyone has been trying to make sure that I have seen this commercial. So now it’s my job to educate all of you.

My friends and I have seen tons of Alabama fans when traveling and you instantly know that you can go up to them, say “Roll Tide” and then suddenly you’re with instant friends. My mom and I have actually met an Alabama fan when traveling to Nebraska. He was talking about how he always keeps a broken TV on his porch so that he’ll always have a broken TV to throw out into the road when Alabama has really done something awful. Particularly during any Alabama vs. Auburn game. I think he got tired of throwing his perfectly good TV out the window. Oh, only in Alabama. It was absolutely hilarious hearing this man talk.

I hope y’all are having a great Christmas Holiday. Roll Tide y’all. PLTW.

House on the Hill

On my most recent trip to the Farm in Tennessee, I noticed for the second time that there is a beautiful cabin on a hill. And it’s for SALE. It must be mine. For that reason, I will not tell you where it is 🙂

This is part of the beautiful landscape that you see as you make your way up the drive. This is so perfect.

This is the view looking back towards the drive once you’ve arrived on top of the hill. On the right, is the storage shed.

And this is the beautiful Cabin that sits atop the wonderful hill. There is a man made lake at the bottom where the first picture was taken and my boyfriend has already decided where a bike course could run where we can do flips off of ramps into the lake and then build a ski lift to take us back to the top of the hill. I’m sure our neighbors would love us. Oh yes, we live live’s of adventure and ingenuity 🙂 And then on the other side of the cabin there is a fire pit made out of rocks and seats made out of rocks. Ohhhh, I love this house.

Here is the view as you leave the cabin down the drive. Isn’t it perfect? It would be the most perfect graduation present ever! Wishful thinking, right?

Here is a pic of me and my favorite person at the Christmas Tea after the hunt. We were there with all of the riders. Remember this post? It was really cool and they were all so nice. AND there was mistletoe everywhere-thankfully, I had my special someone! I’m sure our wonderful host had something to do with that! I love it up there, hence the reason why I must have that beautiful cabin.


I am a Cake Fairy, Dammit.

Yeah, I bet you never would’ve guessed it. But… I. AM. A. CAKE. FAIRY. I deliver cake when people least expect it and I brighten their day–I am like sunshine on a cloudy day. I bet you wish you had a cake fairy. If you live near me… you could be next. Hmmm…. I LOVE CAKE. Now, I have a story to tell:

Once upon a time in fairy land, there was this little girl named Libby. Libby loved cake almost as much as the cake fairy. She had been working very hard helping out the elderly and writing a Big Bad Dissertation. On a cold winter day the fairy decided that she would visit this little girl and give her a gift–The Gift of Cake (see below).

The fairy dropped off the cake at Libby’s home and was greeted by a very big friendly kitty named Mr. Harrison. He greeted the cake fairy and gave her a story of warning–there were evil creatures lurking in the forests and they were furry and wore masks. They looked something like this… (see below). — hoodlum’s…

This description made the fairy a little weary but she gave Mr. Harrison the charge of protecting the cake. Next thing the fairy knew, the little girl was crying over STOLEN CAKE (see below). Poor Mr. Harrison, I’m sure he did what he could.

And the cake fairy received a message from the little girl: Dear Neighborhood Cake Fairy, I’m sure the cake was delicious. The [masked bandits] thoroughly enjoyed it before I got home. I very much appreciate the thought, wish I could have tasted it! Much Love, Libby

The masked bandits made away with the precious spice cake with beautiful white whipped frosting. The fairy came up with a plan. She would construct a protective barrier around the cake (see below).

The cake had to remain protected (see below).

And she left the cake with a warning message (see below).

The protective barrier worked and the enchanted cake made it inside the little girl’s home —  safe and sound!! The towns people cried with joy–“YIPPEE” they said. The little girl could have her cake and eat it too! All rejoiced as the cake made it safely inside the little girls home (see below). The cake fairy did her job. And everyone lived happily ever after.


This is what happens what when people are used to an 18 hour schedule and then find themselves with nothing to do.

I’m off on a short Va-cay to the Farm (which we all know has my heart) and then off to the lovely state of Mississippi. I’ll check in with y’all soon!

Sol y Luna — The Best Margarita in Town

This is SOL Y LUNA. It’s the best tapa’s place in town AND the best Margarita Bar in town. If you want to call it a bar. It’s an amazing hole in the wall restaurant. You can find it here at: 2811 7th Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35233. You’ll definitely want to call for reservations.

Sol y Luna: Dinner Menu

Sol y Luna: Tequila Menu

This is the Sol y Luna Margarita. It is sooooooo yummy and it’s spicy. It has this really great heat when you drink it. I could have a dozen of them… but then I definitely wouldn’t be able to walk out of the restaurant. For my 21st birthday I had the tequila sampler. It was sooOOOoo good. Everything here is wonderful. And while I’ve been talking a lot about their top shelf delicious drinks… their food is wonderful too. Apparently there is a list of 100 things you must eat in Alabama, and their Lobster Soft Taco’s are on the list. It’s what I always get and its the best. AND oddly enough…. I don’t like South American food. Or at least I thought I didn’t. Try it. You’ll love it. And get a Margarita!!

p.s. It’s icy cold here.


My boyfriend has a gift — making what we have deemed an AWESOME BURGER. I won’t share what the secret is. But I’ll give you some helpful hints with these pictures. This is the stovetop edition — it was just too cold to be outside. We usually do them on the grill but since I got this awesome Grilling Plate from William-Sonoma we did them inside… and they might be one of the new secrets to keeping your burger yummy and juicy. If you love to grill I would suggest you add one of these bad boys to your Christmas wishlist. It really has made a difference!

1/4 lb. patties. Oh how yummy. Here the are simmering in their juices. DE-licious.

The beauty of a grilling pan. **hint hint — that’s feta cheese melting over those burgers.

Placing the burger onto the bun and looking good!

And then all the final touches! OMG — how yummy!

SNOW — in Alabama!

Can you believe it? SNOW… and it’s in ALABAMA no less. Or at least the image above is what we call snow in Alabama. It uncharacteristically cold here in The South. I woke up this morning and the thermometer was reading a mere 19 degrees. Now, let’s get something straight, the reason we Southerner’s live in The South is so that we never ever have to see temperture below 32 degrees. It was miserably cold. Monster Dog was nipping at snow flakes.

So instead of staying inside and moping all day long — Mom and I decided to have a girls day and bare the wintery weather. We went and got a massage and then we had a lovely dinner at Whole Foods. I got their vegatable plate with Fried Green Tomatoes, Collards (yum!!), and Goat Cheese Grits. It was soooo yummy. We also got a Bottle of Bubbly.

I love the graphic that they have stamped onto their corks.

Are y’all surviving the cold? Stay warm and remember to pass on the good word : PEACE AND LOVE THROUGHOUT THE WORLD

An amazing cupCAKE…

I LOVE CAKE. This is no secret. Rarely does cake take me by surprise. UNTIL… a wonderful friend of ours brought over Thanksgiving cupcakes that she picked up from a wonderful bakery in downtown Homewood–DreamCakes. There were several different flavors that took me by surprise… I’m just so used to the generic white cupcake with gross packed on icing. These were wonderful–beyond wonderful, there was a pumpkin one, then there was a gingerbread one, then there was… a ton of other good stuff. BUT there was an even better one that I had never EVER tasted before.

If we are grading on a 10 point scale where 10 is the highest then… this cupCAKE gets: 10 points for Creativity, 10 points for Appearance (before it appeared on my plate), 10 points for Flavor, and 10 points for FrostingCake ratio (one of the more important ratio’s in life) and a whopping 10 points for the Surprise Factor.

What kind of cupCAKE is this? A Peanut Butter and Jelly cupCAKE

What was the surprise? A jelly filled cupCAKE.

Want to hear some of their other delicious flavors?

CHRISTMAS CAROL: Cranberry orange cake with an orange buttercream and candied orange peel on the top.

WHITE CHRISTMAS: White velvet cake topped with a peppermint buttercream and peppermint candy.

COCONUT CREAM: White velvet cake, coconut frosting, topped with fresh coconut.

WEDDING CAKE: White velvet cake, almond buttercream filling and icing & topped with pearlized sparkling sugar.

CURIOUS GEORGE: Banana cake with peanut butter frosting, topped with candy bananas.

NAUGHTY & NICE: Chocolate and vanilla marble cake, topped and filled with vanilla and chocolate frosting.