I had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year and luckily enough… I was able to celebrate it twice.

This is what it looked like at my house this year:

This is a pic of my dad and I. He was teaching me how to correctly carve a turkey. It’s very difficult. One must remember to slice the meat, NOT tear the meat.

Our beautiful spread — much thanks to mom and dad. We had…. a beautiful 20 lb. Turkey (of course) for  7 people with Dressing and even SOY dressing for my grandmother, delicious homemade gravy, cranberry sauce (out of the can) plus another kind out of the can but with real cranberries (gross), we had Clemson green beans (as my mother has affectionately named them), Turnip Greens, wine (lots of wine), squash casserole and rolls. DELISH!

And of course we couldn’t forget about our monster baby. He got a pan with leftover dressing. HE LOVED IT. What a baby! A BIG baby.


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