The Art Building

I love art (and CAKE).

Even though I majored in Fine Art in undergrad, sometimes I have a hard time remembering that I love art . AND furthermore — I’m good at it. Far better than I could ever hope to be in Architecture. Yeah, I know… Let’s start the pitty party. Back to the topic at hand, I love getting immersed in other people’s work. Spending a few minutes getting lost in the strokes of a charcoal drawing might be one of my favorite past times. So again, as I was patiently waiting to get things done in the wood shop… I went on a little tour…

Both of these pieces are made out of electrical tape and line the walls in the art building.


another detail

It’s probably obvious that I LOVE these huge drawings. I love that the artist didn’t erase the earlier marking and kept moving the placement of the foot, head, and horns. Also, as it was taught to me… REMEMBER: the eraser is as much a tool as your pencil. ughhhhh… I miss drawing. It’s my goal to start back this winter — no excuses.

All drawings/artworks are property of Clemson University as I don’t know who the artist are. Please feel free to let me know.

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