Clemson: Sculpture

Now I don’t actually know much about Clemson’s sculpture department, other than the fact that they were once in a building that occupied a lot of my time until Clemson decided to shove their unfortunate graduate students into trailers… but that’s another story completely. I was back in my once  beloved building to have some wood cut down in the wood shop and I had forgotten about one of my favorite doors. Yes… a door. A door that was probably once very boring, as all the other one’s are in the building, but one that now occupies several puncture marks that create a beautiful design.

I love time consuming art. Which must be why I’m an architect in training. But even in my past life as an artist, I loved the works of my own and the works of others that obviously took a lot of time. Someone might look at this door and think, oh Neat. But then this wasn’t something that could be easily done in a matter of hours, this had to have taken at good bit of time and more importantly time out of the daily grind of school work and the projects that have to be turned in. Maybe it was done haphazardly as there are still the memo’s and reminders of this doors past life reminding people to wear shoes and use safety precautions but I think that only adds to my love of this door. I might even have to make my own now. I better start collecting some nails…

detail shot

Artists’ are so witty sometimes.

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