Chili Night!

It was a cold day and we decided that it was high time for some chili. The season is just right and the air is cool enough and it’s just damn time for some warm yummy food. So we started making chili at 9:30 a.m. We had a concoction of meats in there: turkey, beef, and pork… 5 lbs!… and even a bottle of Newcastle 🙂

Appetizer’s anyone? This is a yummy cheese dip one of our friends gave to us and it is the best thing I have ever had. We served it with apple and pear slices as well as Ritz crackers. Sooooo delicious.

And the main course…

And the perfectly paired vino – Clos du Bois, Pinot Grigio. I think all-in-all this was a pretty fine meal. Capable of feeding 6 people. I love my friends old and new and I love coming together over food. Have a dinner party and enjoy one another.

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