Shipley Do-Nuts

So we played Mom and Dad for a day and took our friends’ children to their tennis game last Saturday morning. The other parents kept asking me which child is mine… and I said the beautiful blond hair blue eyed children that would be impossible for me to produce. It was funny. After a close game and an unfortunate loss there is nothing better than a doughnut! So we went to one of my favorite doughnut shops: Shipley Do-nuts — Birmingham, AL. I think it’s a chain but it sure doesn’t feel like one. Every one that I have been to feels like a hole-in-the-wall mom and pop kinda shop that has survived the times by the blood, sweat, and delicious tears that go into their remarkable baking. YUMMY.

Now this is what a doughnut shop should look like!

I love doughnuts! I ALWAYS get the doughnut holes!!!! We got three dozen. And this is how the looked only 5 minutes later. It was absolutely delicious. Oh I want more right now!!!

Looks Good!

Yummy doughnuts, awesome kids… sounds like a good day to me!!

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