The Farm: Tennessee

Have you ever fallen in love with a place as soon as you stepped foot on it’s warm, inviting earth. I have and did this weekend. Meet my new happy place. Happy Place… meet my Blog (my other happy place).

My boyfriend’s aunt and uncle are fortunate enough to own this little piece of heaven. We went camping on their land this past weekend during my fall break. And a break it was. Getting away from it all reminded me of how very important it is to keep life in perspective. To live for the moment. Life won’t be over if the floor plans aren’t finished, even if the completed mechanical systems are due Friday, and then an entire project finished in about 20 something days… I just need to be reminded sometimes that life is bigger than all those small things. And one day… I might even be fortunate enough to have my own piece of heaven like the picture above. My heart is there.

The Night Sky

You know that scene in the new Pride and Prejudice when Elisabeth meets Mr. Darcy in the field? My Mr. Darcy met me in the field. It was wonderful.

yes, please...


I was on my early morning walk, enjoying my surroundings when I stumbled upon these 2 lovely cows. They looked like 2 old women gossiping early in the morning getting their exercise. They were very curious about me. I named them. The one on the left is Ester and the one on the right is Ruth. I think that they are lovely.

Have an adventure and find your happy place.


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