My Love for Bracelets

For those of you who don’t know me, I love bracelets.

All kinds.

Here are some that inspire me… and the one’s I wear everyday. They provide so much character. I LOVE IT.

Ms. Mimi Rose

One of my bestest buddies, Ms. Mimi Rose, is the person who first inspired my collection. Her bracelets jingle and jangle and they are full of amazing stories about where they come from, who made them, how she came to find them, and what they mean to her. I love them all and her so much!

Kate Lanphear


I saw this image on my friends blog,, and I love this amazing magazine editors collection of cool jewels. They are so fashionable and provide information about the woman herself. I know I love bracelets but look at those rings too!!! She’s so chic and yet has a hardcore rocker/biker look. Love, Love, Love.


I saw these this morning on a new blog I came across,, super cool stuff. I love the layering. I love the message. Rock on.

Silly Bandz


Kids have gotten into these things called silly bands. You collect them and trade them — its kinda like those silly WWJD bracelets when I was younger. But cool and silly.


On a singular note, I love this bracelet. It’s on my wishlist. You can find them here.


On a much less affordable note… I would love some of these. A girl can wish, right??

These are mine. I’ve gotten them all over the world and from people who love me most.

Here’s the story:

The Brown One : Prague, Czech Republic

The Blue One: My momma gave it to me. It’s from China when she went back in the ’70s.

The Awesomely Large Suunto Watch: My wonderful boyfriend. It tells you everything from Time, Compass, Weather, Hiking, Chrono — it can save times that you go running and it can record your heart rate and even graph stuff out. It’ll tell you changes in elevation and the temp outside and, and, and… and it’s just amazing! You can find some awesome watches here!

The Purple-y Threaded One: J. Jill years ago. I just thought it looked cool.

Black Hair Band: Nothing too special there… just got lost in the mix.

The Jade Colored One: Leather Bracelet that was picked up in a Florence, Italy marketplace.

The Red Leather One: I love this one. I got this one at a market in Budapest. My favorite part is not it’s lovely RED color but the clasp. This is what started my collection. The clasp is too difficult to get on and off by myself… so it just stays on. And the rest followed.

The Brown Beaded One: These aren’t actually beads but coral. I picked them up on my last trip to Hawaii celebrating my grandfather’s 90th Birthday. He’s awesome.

The Brassy Beaded One: My amazing second mother has owned and operated an amazing jewelry shop. I started working for her at age 13. Since then I’ve been collected her amazing pieces. This piece is one that she made by hand. The two brassy-copper ones next to it are also from her shop.

The Fabric One with Leather Connection: This one was given to me by one of the dearest people I know. And this bracelet in particular is very very dear to me. Although I have a little trouble with the leather connection I love it so so much. And it reminds me of her and my “sister” and all of our wonderful adventures together.

And finally The Green and Yellow One: Given to me by my boy. And I love it because it provides so much color! And it reminds me of him of course.


Remember: Spread the Message — Peace and Love Throughout the World.

I feel like such a hippie some times 🙂

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