My First Time on the AT

A few weekends ago I went hiking with my boyfriend. It was my first time on the AT (Appalachian Trail) AND it was my very first time camping. Shocker, I know. I feel like everyone has been camping. But I don’t think that I have ever been anywhere for 24 hours without indoor plumbing. AGAIN – shocking, I know. Luckily, we went at the absolute perfect time. The leaves had just begun to change color and we saw the most magnificent shades of fall. Here are some of our pictures of the weekend below.

A Flat Part on the Trail

It was usually a steep climb on the trail. I’ve come to find out that hiking is a humbling experience — it will always remind you of just how out of shape you actually are.

Shades of Fall

The View : Popcorn Lookout

At Popcorn Lookout : The Morning After Camping

Is the weekend here yet?

Food Team : Dozo

Food Team had its first gathering not too long ago. On a suggestion from a friend at work, he told us about an article that came up about this awesome sushi restaurant that can be found in Easley, SC. I really think that these pictures can do all of the talking… basically – IT. WAS. THE. BEST. SUSHI. I. HAVE. EVER. HAD.

If you live close by — it’s a must stop. And if you don’t — it’s one of the best reasons to come to SC. I mean that.

The Specials

Lobster Roll

NY Roll and the Will Roll

Beauty Shot

Dozo – Sushi & Hibachi

6606 Calhoun Memorial Hwy
Easley, SC 29640-3684

(864) 855-6666

Craig Dykers : Snøhetta

The New Norwegian Opera House


So my school (Clemson University) puts on a Lecture Series every year… I have to be honest, they have been such a bore in the past; however, this year seems to be shaping up quite nicely. Last Friday we had the best lecturer come to town.

Name: Craig Dykers


Firm: Snøhetta

And he is seriously a bad ass. Obviously intelligent and more than slightly immature. With all that in mind, I walked away having a better respect for the profession with the knowledge that there really are some amazing businesses out there (his being one of them), that are trying to reshape the idea of architecture, business, and how we look at buildings, people, and our understanding of our surroundings — a way in which we can reshape our environment to leave a better footprint than the one we started with.

I took lots of notes….

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the days events, I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do:

“Apparently that’s what architects do now, push papers and move computers…” (after showing the lecture hall a time lapse photo of what happens in a typical day in his office)

“Sky is a piece of the landscape, as much as the ground.”

“If we’re not careful, we will become prisoners of history. We mush acknowledge but NOT be driven by history…” (in response to his library built in Alexandria, Egypt on a site that is obviously surrounded by ancient artifacts)

And something for architects to remember: Dumb floor plans are good. Simplify. — Craig said so.

WE (my studio class) were lucky enough to have him come to a working review of ours. Here’re a few pics of my partner and I presenting our project to Craig. I’m the big ball of hair.

Photos are compliments of Armando Montilla, edited by AAC

Check out the Snøhetta website here.

Lavender Fields


I’ve decided for a while now that I would like to own a farm. I think that I could be perfectly content owning a farm full of herbs, tomatoes, and lavender. I am perfectly happy being naive about the whole process and believing that it would be a lovely simple life to live. And then, just maybe, I could open up a bed and breakfast. It sounds lovely.





It’s That Time of Year Again…

It’s  no surprise that I love hot dogs (being the fun-lovin’ foodie that I am) … and now I can be one for Halloween! AND so could my Monster-dog Porcini. I found this costume at my local Target. They had Gorilla suits and a Chicken Outfit. So many more choices these days than when I was younger… but then again, I was always a princess — go figure. Found anything good out there?

Photo compliments of NR.



Johnny Selman: Islamists Seize Somali Radio Stations


So I found this awesome graphic artist, Johny Selman.  And I’ve been checking his website daily. Let me tell you what his mission is. He found that more and more of us today are getting our news online and if these stories were more graphically interesting… maybe more of us would be checking in to see what they were all about. Cool, right? Here’s what he had to say:

I will do this by creating a more visually interesting vehicle for the news, use a credible news source (BBC), and promote, market, and network. I will design a poster a day for 365 days in reaction to a headline on the BBC news website and update this website everyday with the poster and the accompanying news story.

What I really enjoy about him is that he has done these amazing graphic designs to tell the news story from the BBC and unlike most artists’ he doesn’t explain his process in a little paragraph below his work… instead he only has the article which inspired the design. LOVE it. Here are some of my favorites. And add him to your blogroll because he is the


Johnny Selman: Hundreds of Kenyan Teachers Sacked Over Sex Abuse

Horribly upsetting story; however, I love the historical art reference. You can never have too much Venus of Willendorf (22,000 BCE)- one of the oldest art history artifacts and known for its fertillity symbology. Smart Art… I love it.

Johnny Selman: One Year to Clean Toxic Spill in Hungary

Johnny Selman: Israeli PM Urges West Bank Settlers to Show Restraint

Johnny Selman: Belgian Skydiver 'Murdered Love Rival' During Jump

Johnny Selman, you rock. Check him out at his website HERE.



New GSP Airport?

Sorry for the dead air lately; we have all been working hard on our studio projects.

The Greenville|Spartanburg airport is expanding due to their new partnership with Southwest Airlines. 11 new gates will need to be added to the existing airport and they are planning to double if not triple the amount of traffic that is currently coming into and out of the airport. So in school, this is our project for our Comprehensive Studio. This is a rough rendering of what our building will look like on the interior. Cool, right?

My Love for Bracelets

For those of you who don’t know me, I love bracelets.

All kinds.

Here are some that inspire me… and the one’s I wear everyday. They provide so much character. I LOVE IT.

Ms. Mimi Rose

One of my bestest buddies, Ms. Mimi Rose, is the person who first inspired my collection. Her bracelets jingle and jangle and they are full of amazing stories about where they come from, who made them, how she came to find them, and what they mean to her. I love them all and her so much!

Kate Lanphear


I saw this image on my friends blog,, and I love this amazing magazine editors collection of cool jewels. They are so fashionable and provide information about the woman herself. I know I love bracelets but look at those rings too!!! She’s so chic and yet has a hardcore rocker/biker look. Love, Love, Love.


I saw these this morning on a new blog I came across,, super cool stuff. I love the layering. I love the message. Rock on.

Silly Bandz


Kids have gotten into these things called silly bands. You collect them and trade them — its kinda like those silly WWJD bracelets when I was younger. But cool and silly.


On a singular note, I love this bracelet. It’s on my wishlist. You can find them here.


On a much less affordable note… I would love some of these. A girl can wish, right??

These are mine. I’ve gotten them all over the world and from people who love me most.

Here’s the story:

The Brown One : Prague, Czech Republic

The Blue One: My momma gave it to me. It’s from China when she went back in the ’70s.

The Awesomely Large Suunto Watch: My wonderful boyfriend. It tells you everything from Time, Compass, Weather, Hiking, Chrono — it can save times that you go running and it can record your heart rate and even graph stuff out. It’ll tell you changes in elevation and the temp outside and, and, and… and it’s just amazing! You can find some awesome watches here!

The Purple-y Threaded One: J. Jill years ago. I just thought it looked cool.

Black Hair Band: Nothing too special there… just got lost in the mix.

The Jade Colored One: Leather Bracelet that was picked up in a Florence, Italy marketplace.

The Red Leather One: I love this one. I got this one at a market in Budapest. My favorite part is not it’s lovely RED color but the clasp. This is what started my collection. The clasp is too difficult to get on and off by myself… so it just stays on. And the rest followed.

The Brown Beaded One: These aren’t actually beads but coral. I picked them up on my last trip to Hawaii celebrating my grandfather’s 90th Birthday. He’s awesome.

The Brassy Beaded One: My amazing second mother has owned and operated an amazing jewelry shop. I started working for her at age 13. Since then I’ve been collected her amazing pieces. This piece is one that she made by hand. The two brassy-copper ones next to it are also from her shop.

The Fabric One with Leather Connection: This one was given to me by one of the dearest people I know. And this bracelet in particular is very very dear to me. Although I have a little trouble with the leather connection I love it so so much. And it reminds me of her and my “sister” and all of our wonderful adventures together.

And finally The Green and Yellow One: Given to me by my boy. And I love it because it provides so much color! And it reminds me of him of course.


Remember: Spread the Message — Peace and Love Throughout the World.

I feel like such a hippie some times 🙂