Table Rock, SC

Last weekend I went on a hike. And let me tell you — I’m out of shape and super uncoordinated. These are things we should all probably already know. In any case. My friend and I went up to Table Rock. Located here.

Table Rock Satellite Map

It looks to me as though it’s pretty close to where South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina come together. Maybe I saw all of them at once! Who knows. I may have made that up.

Trail Heads

A Fork in the Road. We Followed the Red Trail Heads.

Doesn't this look like the Bust of a Greek statue? I love nature.

We still had another hour left in our hike. Not yet to the top.

There we go.

WE MADE IT! or we thought...

Apparently when you get up there, you think that you’re there –but you’re not. There is still probably a quarter of mile to go and then you’ve made it! So if you go, make sure you go all the way to the end and make sure you see the 3.5 mile marker. And yes, it’s wonderful — there are mile markers.

Time to Relax.

There was even cell reception. And this guy was a machine. He did a 9 mile hike before he did this one!

My hiking buddy!

This was a great trail–and a total of 7 miles and an excellent workout. Even if I tripped on everything on the way down. It was so beautiful and there were huge monolithic rocks along the trail where you can sit, rest, or picnic. I loved it. It’s super touristy and a little cliche but I guess you have to do at least once if you’re in the area.

Y’all have a great weekend. I’m on my home to the one’s I love. Rememeber, spread the good word: Peace and Love throughout the World


I am in love with really cool graphics. I want to start posting more of them because I think they are really inspiring and they help me think more creatively for school. Especially when I begin to do board layouts.

I ran across this Beastie Boys poster here. And then I found out who the artist is. Its Federico Mancosu – and long story short – he’s the bomb-dot-com. The simplicity and minimalism is perfect. Look below to find more posters!

Beastie Boys : Sabotage

Michael Jackson : Thriller

Milano Calibro 9

Red Hot Chili Peppers : Scar Tissue

Una Lucertola con la Pelle di Donna

Jamiroquai : Visual Insanity

Un Americano a Roma

Check out Federico Mancosu HERE at his website.

P . L . T . W .

Prague, Czech Republic : John Lennon Wall

I am in a creative slump. I still have the blue’s over Summer being over and no matter how hard I try, I want to be back home with the one’s I love. So to help inspire me and move me away from the negative, I wanted to remember how I felt when I stood in front of this wall on a very cold day in October.

John Lennon Wall : 2009

Remember to spread the good word:

P. L. T. W.

Pendleton, SC : Just More BBQ

Just More BBQ

This week we had a lot of Studio work going on and we all needed to wind down and relax. So we went to Just More BBQ in Pendleton,SC. Right down the road from Clemson University. This place is awesome. AND like most awesome BBQ places, it’s only open Friday and Saturdays — but it gets even better… they have a live Bluegrass Band every weekend.  Just More BBQ has awesome Shredded Pork and AMAZING Mac ‘n Cheese. Plus– all meals come with dessert and a drink. Can it get any better? Oh, I’m just lovin’ life. Check out Just More BBQ’s website here.

This weekends band is called Cane Creek Bluegrass Band and they are based out of Anderson, SC and here is there website if you’d like to check them out. I thought that they were wonderful. Here’s a little sample of what we heard below.

Sloss Furnace : Stokin’ the Fire BBQ and Music Festival

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All I can really say about this BBQ competition is that these guys take food and cookin’ seriously. Their cookin’ is a Labor of Love. All the chefs were out in the blazing heat, with temperatures in the high 90s, all day and all night. And I have to say, our team — Blue Creek BBQ — did a mighty fine job. I can’t wait until next year!

Pics are compliments of NR and AC.

Discovering Sloss Furnace

Birmingham, AL : Sloss Furnace

So when we went to Sloss Furnace for the Smokin’ the Stokes BBQ Festival we had to explore everything — especially the stuff that was roped off.

The Stacks


Photo’s are compliments of NR and edited by AC.