Ear Candling

Alright, Let’s talk about ear candling. Do you know what it is? According to this website, “Ear candling is an ancient practice in which an individual lights one end of a cotton ear candle on fire and inserts the other end (non-ignited) into his or her ear. This soothing process calms the mind and body and promotes a greater sense of well-being while releasing non-harmful smoke into your ear that works to aid your body in the natural release of ear wax.”

So basically, what had happened was… We were feeling a little “stopped-up” in our ear canal and we decided that we would give ear candling a try. Why not, right? So we didn’t follow any instructions and took no precautions while doing this — if you’re feeling brave… do what we did. But I’m not saying we did it correctly nor am I condoning this behavior.

Ear Candles

To ear candle (Is that the verb form of that word? Oh, who cares…), one must first purchase ear candles. Yes, that would be step one. You can find them at most natural food/herbal stores.

Light a Match

Step 2: Light the fat end of your ear candling cone on fire. Make sure that there is smoke coming out the other (smaller) end. You might have to prod the smaller end with a toothpick or something to make sure that ample smoke is coming out. We used a twig in the front yard.

Yep, Stick the Candle in Your Ear 🙂

Step 3: Now, what your gonna do is stick that flaming candle with smoke coming out one end … into your ear. Crazy I know. Now, if you were going to take some precautions… you could cut a hole in a paper plate and then stick the candle through it so that no ash or “wax” from the candle drops onto your face. We didn’t do that, cause that would make too much sense. Instead, we laid down in the front yard so that all the neighbors could watch in horror. Notice the little green marker line on the candle (its about 4 inches away from his ear)? When the flame gets down to that point, that is when you take the ear candle out of your ear. And then you get to see the grossness that was just in there.

Get ready… your about to see some really gross earwax.

Gross, right? That came out of my ear!

I hope y’all enjoyed this. It’s pretty fun. There’s actually a lot of controversy over whether or not this practice really works. But what the hell?  It’s fun and it’s definitely different — so live a little.


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