Atlanta, GA : The Varsity

There are so many wonderful things going on in the “Dirty Dirty” aka Atlanta. But one of the most touristy and best things in Atlanta has to be–without a doubt–The Varsity. A. They have awesome fast food B. You can pull up and order your food to a bellhop (or whatever you might call them) — cash only C. They have Coke products (lately I’ve noticed along the East Coast specifically in the Carolinas; their love for Pepsi Products — gross) D. They yell at you when you don’t order quickly enough E. They have orange drink aka “Frosted Orange” and F. They have CHILLI DOGS!!! What more could a girl ask for??


Here’s the Menu for all of those inquiring minds out there.

Yummy Yum

And then the Money Shot…

Oh so Beautiful.

For more information on The Varsity, check out their website here. Y’all have a great day.

Montreat, NC

Montreat, NC

I was told that when you go to Montreat you have to take a very stereotypical picture from inside of the car looking at the entrance…. so here ya go! Montreat is this really cool community just outside of Asheville. Montreat is best known for the Montreat Conference Center and Montreat College as well as its association with the presbyterian church. Well, we weren’t there for any of that — we were there for the hiking! We decided that we would hike Graybeard. See map below.

Graybeard Trail in Blue

If you decide to do this trail bring lots of water and know that you are going to be hiking for 7.5 miles… uphill — both ways 🙂 Hiking Poles are probably a good idea as well. It’s really an amazing trail. Parts of Montreat are said to be classified as Rainforest. I believe it; when you first enter the trail you can feel the cool humidity and it smells damp in a refreshing way — odd, I know. Along the trail, you follow a creek almost the whole way up to the top and you could see rock sculptures and places to sit and picnic. The water tasted AMAZING. Here are some pics from the trip.

Along the Trail

My Favorite.

Get Tagged Asheville

Everyone knows Asheville as a laid back Mountain Community full of hippies and art, right? But have you thought of it as a community of high graffiti art? Now, I’m no one in particular to be discussing the evolution of what is high and low art, although I have taken several classes on it. I will say though, I know good art from bad art. I like art that has emotion, intellect, skill, and creativity. I like art that is thought provoking and brings a little something new to the table. I also love it when you see something you didn’t quite expect or predict. I found that in Asheville, its walls have been tagged by some amazing artists.

W. Walnut St. near the Mellow Mushroom



Downtown Asheville : next to the coolest art gallery



Detail. A little something unexpected.

The Little Prince


Located in Traveler's Rest, SC on the street in "Downtown"

Photographs provided by NR and AC.

Midnight Hole, NC

Midnight Hole, NC

Midnight Hole, North Carolina has to be one of my favorite places in the whole wide world. Its pretty amazing. To get to Midnight Hole you have to go through the Smokies (well, it’s in the Smokies) and its an amazing drive full of mountains and little radio reception. You’ll almost miss the exit so watch out. As a side note, I believe the AT passes through this site. Cool, huh?

Its about a 2 mile hike to get to Midnight Hole and when you get there you’ll think, “wow this is kinda cool” but then you’ll get in the water… its the clearest, coldest, sweetest water I have ever been in contact with—EVER.

We decided that when we went we wouldn’t fully submerge our bodies until we actually jumped off the big rock. Well a. that’s difficult (I’m 5′-2″), b. due to being vertically challenged, climbing onto the rock even with the help of a rope was quite difficult and took some serious contemplation and jumping c. it was still freakin’ awesome.

It was really exciting. It’s not too high up… maybe 15 feet. Maybe less, maybe more. And we just went for it. We ran off the top and just jumped in… The water was sooo cold, it knocked the breath out of me. And you could potentially go down a good 15 feet or more in the water. It felt like you just jumped into a pool of ice water. I came up gasping for air because I was so surprised by the waters temperature. We had just hiked the 2 miles to get there, it was the middle of summer with temperatures easily in the 90s (although on the trail it was probably low 80s), and we had a good sweat going… and then, the next thing I know I have goose bumps and I’m shaking I’m so cold. It was so amazing. If you have the opportunity you have to go. Some of the more brave kids were doing flips into the water… I’ll save that for another day 🙂

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Pics are compliments of NR and AC

PLTW (spread the message)

Sloss Furnaces Stokin’ the Fire BBQ and Music Festival

Hey y’all. For those of you in Birmingham, you should come out this weekend to Stokin’ the Fire! It’s a BBQ competition that’ll be held at Sloss Furnaces. For more information click here. What better way to end the summer? Plus, there will be lots of Delicious Food, Booze, and Music.

GOOD DOG : Chattanooga, TN


I love Chattanooga! And this restaurant has to be at least one reason why. Read what GOOD DOG has to say about their own awesome place:

GOOD DOG is a quick-service restaurant that serves great food in the form of all-beef, natural casing hot dogs, the very best veggie dogs, homemade chili, hand-cut twice-fried fries, fresh salads with hand-crafted dressings and freshly baked cupcakes.  We are committed to making fresh, fast food accessible to all while keeping it affordable, fun and socially responsible.

GOOD DOG believes in GOOD things, GOOD food, GOOD folks, GOOD times and a GOOD earth.  Our restaurant was built using re-claimed and re-purposed materials.  We strive in daily operation to minimize waste, promote recycling and create the smallest environmental footprint possible.  Our french fry oil is collected and used as bio-diesel fuel.  We believe that one fry at a time, we can help to make a difference.

AWESOME, right? We were off in the North Shore District in Chattanooga (checking out 1 of the 6 gear shops we looked at during our awesome road trip) and I pass by a door way that looks something like this…

ummm… yes please.

So, I see a Cupcake with a halo and then a Hot Dog with a halo and I’m as good as done. This is where we were meant to be. Check out the menu.

I got the BBQ Dog and my boyfriend got the Chicago dog. They were EPIC. So epic that I forgot to take pics of them (sad day, I know). I was just way too excited.  But check out my other pics.

Crown Molding and Door Frames

Their counter tops are accented with old crown molding and old door frames. I love this.



These guys rock! Check out the main website here and check out their blog here and make sure you show your support and go there.

Chattanooga, TN

Chattanooga, TN

For our first stop along our Road Trip we stopped by Chattanooga to check out a really cool gear shop, Rock Creek (blog), and to my great surprise we found this great and wonderful city. I don’t think I’ve spent anytime in Chattanooga since the early 90s and thats when we did the typical Ruby Falls, Lookout Mountain, and Rock City. That’s all great and wonderful but the city is booming.

Downtown Chattanooga Map (compliments of Wikipedia)

The weekend that we came to look around, they had just opened their pedestrian bridge, The Walnut Street Bridge, to our four legged furry friends. What’s so great about this bridge is that it connects the North Shore to areas like greater downtown, an awesome art museum (The Hunter Museum of American Art), and the Tennessee Aquarium. It also connects the green-way system on both sides of the Tennessee River.

Beneath the Pedestrian Bridge

I love that Blue color that they use. It was on both their pedestian bridge as well as their automobile bridge.

Up Top on the Pedestrian Bridge

Hunter Museum of American Art

Sculpture in front of the Museum (I unfortunately didn't write down the artist's name)

Detail Shot

Go to Chattanooga. It was so awesome. More Chattanooga fun to come 🙂