We’ve Got Tomatoes!

That’s right, we’re growin’ tomatoes in the backyard. My mother and I decided we would try our hands at a little gardening. What I really mean to say is that my mother has a green thumb and if I look at these tomatoes the wrong way they might all die. But she has shown me, that with a little bit of water and some of that killer Alabama sunshine and more than a little love, we can grow tomatoes in our backyard. Look at how lovely they are!

Look at Those Tomatoes Hiding



... and AFTER!

Does everyone remember my wretched puppy, Porcini? Well, he decided that I couldn’t keep ALL of my tomatoes. So he STOLE one. BAD DOG!


For inquiring minds, I must tell you, Tomatoes are a far superior vegetable to Potatoes.

Y’all have a great day! PLTW.


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