Have you ever been driving down the interstate on a really long drive and see a road sign that makes you want to stop and check out what’s really going on there? Ha ha, I do. So, whenever I drive to see my favorite people in Mississippi,  I always pass by a town called TOOMSUBA. I text one of my besties everytime I pass it … and this last time, I just had to check it out. I had to see what was going on there. Here are some photos of a town inside Meridian and the hunt for Toomsuba’s one and only attraction — its lake. Oh yeah, we were coming back from a wedding 🙂

This is a building around the corner from where my friend got married.

Causeyville Whynot?

The beginning of Toomsuba.

Photo taken by V.S.

Still in search of the Lake...

This looks like a woman on a mission... for a lake!!!

Photo taken by V.S.

I had to see what was behind the gate...

Photo taken by V.S.

The Field.

I think we found it...

We were planning to go for a dip... but then we read the sign.

I knew it existed!!


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