Lisa Kellner

Fast Food Pyre

Artist Statement:

Rooted in the language of decay, erosion and disease, my work merges intricate microcosms with immense topographies.  My process involves the accumulation of minutia to form a critical mass.  Using systems of patterning, layering and translucency, I create a world of imposing forms.  I approach these shapes by working both sculpturally and in a two dimensional format.  My interest lies in the interaction of these abstracted shapes with each other as well as the architecture of the space in which they exist.  In all of my work there is an awareness of location, whether a centimeter wide or an aerial view of earth, that facilitates the exploration of place and its emotive aspects.

Below the Brind (Ode to the Gulf)

I found Lisa Kellner when I began looking for art that was made in response to the crisis in the Gulf (which I will post those images later — more research). I think she’s really cool. I love that her art has so much depth and dimension. I first thought that her works were all water colors, but most are made from Enamel, acrylic, ink and pigment  — COOL. I will have to make an honest effort to try and attempt what she is doing.

Here are more examples:

Facing West

Lloyd I

Lloyd II

Losing's Less That Winner


Love is a Place

The Abandon of Neglect (detail): Notice the White Circles

Sculpture: Touch Me

Almost Perfect (detail)

All of these images are from Lisa Kellner’s website. Check her out!

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