Sheldon Parish

So on our way back from Hampton, SC towards Charleston we decided it would be fun to stop at Sheldon Parish or Sheldon Prince William’s Parish Church (1745-1755). You can see the story in an image below… It was this church built in the 1700s and it was burnt down twice when the militia came through! There was a wedding there when we came, so to give them their privacy, my friend and I decided to go galavanting towards the marsh… you know, because we were dressed for it. It was a mess, but we had such a good time.

The Terrain We Trekked Through

The Marsh

In all my travels, I still have not been to a place untouched by man. I want to see a place where there are no power lines, no cars, no trash… just land.

My Friend and Me in the Marsh

Sheldon Parish


Something to Remember

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