Hampton, SC

This past weekend I went to a friends hometown in Hampton, SC. We went galavanting all over the place and had a great time. His family has a lot of land so we went on the 4-wheeler and road around through trails and through the neighboring land surrounding his families property. It was an amazing peaceful place. People always wonder what you do out in the country… you enjoy it. Its so nice to be some place away from the grind of city living. Here’s some of our finds.

I love that this old house is being reclaimed by the land. We often find a lot of this around Charleston. There is something really nice about this being a very private place in the middle of a field; its so understated yet so beautiful.

An Abandoned House in the Middle of No-Where... Beautiful!

I love all of the growth surrounding the house. Wisteria and those White Roses are my favorite! The Wisteria was so fragrant too!

Resting Corn Field

What a wonderful weekend trip… now, if I could only find my notebook…


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