Sorry for not posting recently. Studio has taken over my life and sleep cycle (to be expected) and after completely missing Easter, being awake 48 hrs, and now having slept a successful 12, I think its time for a funny post.

I’ve mentioned that I go on field trips with one of my classes. Well, on this particular trip we went to Denmark, SC to visit rural SC camp grounds and summer community spaces. Our professor mentioned to us that there was a UFO welcome center along the way… and  you can’t just say that to a bunch of grad students and expect us not to go there! There was actually a man, who lived in this… space (that does not meet any code!) … and he called himself the UFO man. He was there to welcome the next alien to come our way. He has since died but the “structure” remains. Enjoy!



A UFO that crashed on top?

PLTW… and universe 🙂


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