Scott’s Variety Store & BBQ

Vegan’s Beware! This post is not for you!

Scott's Variety Store

So today was our final field trip for the semester. A lot of the places that we have been to have been all about the experience of a space and not simply about the architecture. Today, we went to a place for the experience.  That place is Scott’s BBQ. They have mastered BBQ. I’m going to let my pictures describe my experience … and… if you get the chance… and you are in the “middle of no-where South Carolina”… you have to go to Scott’s BBQ. It has my seal of approval!! To receive a full description of these masters and their work check out THIS article from the NY Times… I’m tellin’ you… this shit’s legit!

Mista Rodney Scott -- Pitt Master

Old fuel drum used to burn down all of their personally hand cut wood to make the coals that go under their BBQ

Mista Rodney Doin' What He Does Best!

Vat O' Goodness -- Notice that that long handle is NOT to a ladle, but to a MOP. That's right, no brushes here... they lay it on thick with a MOP!!!

Oh yeah!!

What more can a girl ask for?

White Bread? CHECK , Sauce? CHECK, Orange Drink? CHECK…. BBQ (1 lb)? CHECK CHECK!!

Close Up, Beauty Shot!

Close Up, Beauty Shot 🙂

I love this menu! It might just be my favorite!

The Whole Graduate Architecture Crew (+/- a few)

Fast & French

Here’s a quick update… The power went out today at school and shut all of our computers down. Long-story-Short… some of us lost information that was not previously saved. It was a huge nightmare. So… to escape from the madness, my friend and I went to a lovely French Cafe Restaurant called Fast and French. Here are some quick pics from our break.

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I had the Ginger Punch, Lamb and Vegetable Soup (it had collards in it! Yummmy :)) and then a Ham and Cheese Croissant. The best part about it. It was reasonable priced. I made out with only having to pay $14 plus tip!!!

Production Mode

Yep, This is how I feel. Architecture Studio Final Reviews are next Monday at 8 a.m.; however, my boards and models are due at 10 p.m. the night before…. so what that means is Long Hours, Late Nights, Junk Food, STRESS, Anxiety… and many other fun things. I’ll try and keep posting as a quick stress reliever… if I have time…

Sheldon Parish

So on our way back from Hampton, SC towards Charleston we decided it would be fun to stop at Sheldon Parish or Sheldon Prince William’s Parish Church (1745-1755). You can see the story in an image below… It was this church built in the 1700s and it was burnt down twice when the militia came through! There was a wedding there when we came, so to give them their privacy, my friend and I decided to go galavanting towards the marsh… you know, because we were dressed for it. It was a mess, but we had such a good time.

The Terrain We Trekked Through

The Marsh

In all my travels, I still have not been to a place untouched by man. I want to see a place where there are no power lines, no cars, no trash… just land.

My Friend and Me in the Marsh

Sheldon Parish


Something to Remember

Hampton, SC

This past weekend I went to a friends hometown in Hampton, SC. We went galavanting all over the place and had a great time. His family has a lot of land so we went on the 4-wheeler and road around through trails and through the neighboring land surrounding his families property. It was an amazing peaceful place. People always wonder what you do out in the country… you enjoy it. Its so nice to be some place away from the grind of city living. Here’s some of our finds.

I love that this old house is being reclaimed by the land. We often find a lot of this around Charleston. There is something really nice about this being a very private place in the middle of a field; its so understated yet so beautiful.

An Abandoned House in the Middle of No-Where... Beautiful!

I love all of the growth surrounding the house. Wisteria and those White Roses are my favorite! The Wisteria was so fragrant too!

Resting Corn Field

What a wonderful weekend trip… now, if I could only find my notebook…

The Tattooed Moose

The Tattooed Moose

Last Friday it was suggested to me that I should go to the Tattooed Moose. Luckily for my studiomates and myself, my professor had to leave town on business–so naturally we used our productive 4 hour gap of studio time to EAT. This is, again, one of those places that has a menu but everyone orders the same thing. We all ordered the Duck Club and shared a basket of fries. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed the food.

That’s right- Hand. Cut. DUCK. FAT. Fries.


Well… I think I better go for a run now. Happy Eating everyone!


Ted’s Butcherblock

Ted’s Butcherblock has to be one of my favorite sandwich spots in Charleston… and I’ve never even been there. My friends always pick something up for me. This place has a bacon of the month. What more can you ask for? My favorite sandwich is this one…

Caprese Sandwich

The Caprese Sandwich: Homemade Mozzarella, Plum Tomato, Paper-Thin Prosciutto, Hand-Picked Basil, White Balsamic Vinaigrette $7 (Need I Say More)

Love at first Sight



Sorry for not posting recently. Studio has taken over my life and sleep cycle (to be expected) and after completely missing Easter, being awake 48 hrs, and now having slept a successful 12, I think its time for a funny post.

I’ve mentioned that I go on field trips with one of my classes. Well, on this particular trip we went to Denmark, SC to visit rural SC camp grounds and summer community spaces. Our professor mentioned to us that there was a UFO welcome center along the way… and  you can’t just say that to a bunch of grad students and expect us not to go there! There was actually a man, who lived in this… space (that does not meet any code!) … and he called himself the UFO man. He was there to welcome the next alien to come our way. He has since died but the “structure” remains. Enjoy!



A UFO that crashed on top?

PLTW… and universe 🙂