Finally! The 10K Bridge Run!!

The Cooper River Bridge Run was such a great experience and so much fun. I really admire the people that were running with us that day. We saw so many people in costumes and others just dressed up. My good friend ran with me and we saw some interesting characters: a bachelorette party, a cute couple dressed as bunnies (POOF tail and ears!), bride and groom (top hat and tutu), blow-up suit animals (pig, penguin, cow… and another one that has escaped my memory), Elvis, and my personal favorite a Deviled Egg (it was a guy in an egg costume with a red spike tail and horns)! The old and the young were there. I remember running along side a child younger than 10 and a gentleman older than 75. It truly amazes me that people can be athletes at any age.

There were 40,000 people at the event. And it was an event! I can’t describe what it feels like to run next to that many people. My friend and I would get separated and then somehow find our way back together. It was like weaving in and out of traffic, while using our Southern Hospitality saying, “excuse me”. People were really pushing and motivating each other, and I think that’s really awesome, especially when we’re trying to make exercise a daily habit. I think I should set more exercise goals for myself. I never thought I would EVER be able to run 6.2 miles. And I did. And I want MORE! My friend and I have decided that in a years time we will run a 1/2 marathon, inshallah (God willing)!

Here’s a pic before the race. I wish I had more but there was no way I could run and hold a camera at the same time. Happy Exercise Goal Setting Day 🙂

Friends who ran in the Bridge Run 2010

Oh yeah, guess what? I ran the whole thing and beat all of my previous times! Heres the finished map. Finally!

I Ran it All!!! My time 1:06. My goal is to be under an hour for the next one!

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