10 K in 1.5 Days

So, school has gotten so busy and I haven’t been updating on my 10 K training status… so here it is. After Bowen Island’s Seafood Restaurant I decided it would be a good idea to attempt a 5.2 mile run across the peninsula of Charleston–this was of course after I finished off somewhere near 2 lbs of fried shrimp the night before. NOTE TO SELF: what you eat effects how you run! So I ran up the “big” hill on the Ravenel Bridge and started cramping as I was coming down it! You know its bad when you are walking downhill in the first mile of your run. Regardless, I picked it up and ran the rest of the way once I hit East Bay Street. Here’s the run from Saturday.

5.2 Mile Run

And then a few days ago I told myself I had to run a mock 10 K before the day of the big run. So on Wednesday I did it. Well kinda. I went from the Ravenel Bridge to East Bay Street, then I went into The Battery and ran along the coast line, then back up through King, onto Broad Street and then on towards Franklin. I was pooped. It definitely kicked my butt!

Along the way I had a really great experience. When I began, I noticed an older gentlemen pass me as I was going up the “big” hill on the bridge. His pace was consistent and I have to say… he was pretty awesome. He stayed in my line of site the entire time and you could tell he was a past athlete. As he began to make his loop and return back, we both smiled at each other and it was really something special. We waved and “high-fived” each other–it was as if to say, “you’re a bad-ass, keep it up!”–at least that’s what I was thinking. It was just a really special moment. I’m happy it was with him. It sounds so silly, but we were on the same page.

Here’s the run.

6.2 Mile Run

I am now the proud owner of 3 new blisters and the Big Race is in almost 1 day! AHH. I guess “they” were right when they said you have to take it easy before your big race.

Today we picked up our Bibs and Packet Information. I can’t wait. There are 40,000 people running this weekend. And they have had to cut people off. Its definitely going to be an experience!


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