Box Assignment

I am taking a Wood Shop class and we were given an assignment to make a box that is can be no smaller than 3″ in any dimension and no bigger than 12″ in any dimension. I’ll be honest, I tried to take the easy way out… but this box was far from easy!! It was downright difficult.

Here’s my process:

Step 1: I cut down the wood so it is a. the right dimensions and b. square (molto importante)

Step 2: I used a dado cut in all 4 sides of my box so that the acrylic insert could be placed inside. Then I used the router table to make the side windows with the rounded corners.

Step 3: I glued and we clamped the holy hell out of it!

Step 4: I used the table saw (scary business) to cut my splines in the sides of my box.

Step 5: Then I needed to make the windows square instead of rounded. It involved a chisel… and I ended up breaking one of my windows in half. Thank goodness for wood glue.

Step 6: It was time to insert my splines.

Step 7: Finally, time to sand. I sanded with an 80 grit, 150 grit, then 180 grit. That baby is smooth!

Step 8: Oil her up!


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