10K in 10 days

03.16.2010 Training

What I was able to run today!

So, early this semester 3 girls and myself decided that we were going to run a 10k in a well known race in Charleston, SC called “The Bridge Run”. In addition, several of our studio-mates have now entered and even our friends not currently in school with us! There could easily be 15 people within our group that have signed up. I’m so excited.

Now it should be mentioned that before this semester I could barely run a mile. I’ve been training for a little over a month now and this is what I was able to run today! Progress is being made although I will say that I am now proudly wearing a knee brace and an ankle brace. There are only so many past gymnastic injuries that my body can handle at the ripe age of 23. The map above shows the route that I ran today in addition to the scheduled route for the day of the big run. The goal for this weekend is to run 5+ miles.

For additional information on “The Bridge Run” please go to this website: http://www.bridgerun.com/

If you feel inspired… start your own training program.


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