Finally! The 10K Bridge Run!!

The Cooper River Bridge Run was such a great experience and so much fun. I really admire the people that were running with us that day. We saw so many people in costumes and others just dressed up. My good friend ran with me and we saw some interesting characters: a bachelorette party, a cute couple dressed as bunnies (POOF tail and ears!), bride and groom (top hat and tutu), blow-up suit animals (pig, penguin, cow… and another one that has escaped my memory), Elvis, and my personal favorite a Deviled Egg (it was a guy in an egg costume with a red spike tail and horns)! The old and the young were there. I remember running along side a child younger than 10 and a gentleman older than 75. It truly amazes me that people can be athletes at any age.

There were 40,000 people at the event. And it was an event! I can’t describe what it feels like to run next to that many people. My friend and I would get separated and then somehow find our way back together. It was like weaving in and out of traffic, while using our Southern Hospitality saying, “excuse me”. People were really pushing and motivating each other, and I think that’s really awesome, especially when we’re trying to make exercise a daily habit. I think I should set more exercise goals for myself. I never thought I would EVER be able to run 6.2 miles. And I did. And I want MORE! My friend and I have decided that in a years time we will run a 1/2 marathon, inshallah (God willing)!

Here’s a pic before the race. I wish I had more but there was no way I could run and hold a camera at the same time. Happy Exercise Goal Setting Day 🙂

Friends who ran in the Bridge Run 2010

Oh yeah, guess what? I ran the whole thing and beat all of my previous times! Heres the finished map. Finally!

I Ran it All!!! My time 1:06. My goal is to be under an hour for the next one!

Happy Birthday to Me!

I’m 24 today. I am officially in my mid-20s. I guess I’m okay with that. I hate being away from home when its my birthday. My parents always did something special to remind me that today is my day. They never forget to do something super sweet. And today is just another special case of when that is true. I miss home.

And I’m beginning to feel old. But NEVER to old for cake. Because I love cake.

Mini Cupcakes!

My mom got all of these cupcakes for me and my studio mates to celebrate my birthday! She’s the greatest! These cupcakes came from: CUPCAKE!


My Friends and I, Giggling and Devouring CAKE!

la joie de vivre

10K teaser

Hiding from the Wind before the Race!

Here’s a pic of my friend and I waiting for the race to begin. Of course, the week earlier it was warm and the temperature stayed in the 70s–the day of the race, it was windy and in the low 50s. My luck, right?

10 K in 1.5 Days

So, school has gotten so busy and I haven’t been updating on my 10 K training status… so here it is. After Bowen Island’s Seafood Restaurant I decided it would be a good idea to attempt a 5.2 mile run across the peninsula of Charleston–this was of course after I finished off somewhere near 2 lbs of fried shrimp the night before. NOTE TO SELF: what you eat effects how you run! So I ran up the “big” hill on the Ravenel Bridge and started cramping as I was coming down it! You know its bad when you are walking downhill in the first mile of your run. Regardless, I picked it up and ran the rest of the way once I hit East Bay Street. Here’s the run from Saturday.

5.2 Mile Run

And then a few days ago I told myself I had to run a mock 10 K before the day of the big run. So on Wednesday I did it. Well kinda. I went from the Ravenel Bridge to East Bay Street, then I went into The Battery and ran along the coast line, then back up through King, onto Broad Street and then on towards Franklin. I was pooped. It definitely kicked my butt!

Along the way I had a really great experience. When I began, I noticed an older gentlemen pass me as I was going up the “big” hill on the bridge. His pace was consistent and I have to say… he was pretty awesome. He stayed in my line of site the entire time and you could tell he was a past athlete. As he began to make his loop and return back, we both smiled at each other and it was really something special. We waved and “high-fived” each other–it was as if to say, “you’re a bad-ass, keep it up!”–at least that’s what I was thinking. It was just a really special moment. I’m happy it was with him. It sounds so silly, but we were on the same page.

Here’s the run.

6.2 Mile Run

I am now the proud owner of 3 new blisters and the Big Race is in almost 1 day! AHH. I guess “they” were right when they said you have to take it easy before your big race.

Today we picked up our Bibs and Packet Information. I can’t wait. There are 40,000 people running this weekend. And they have had to cut people off. Its definitely going to be an experience!

Bowen’s Island Seafood Restaurant

Bowen's Island Seafood Restaurant

These pictures don’t do this place justice. It’s one of the most unique places I have ever been to. Let me paint you a picture. My friends and I were driving towards Folly beach (in Charleston) and you come to 2 lights before you hit the coast. Well you turn between the two lights and head down this dirt road. On either side of you is marsh and in the distance you can see abandoned boats; it’s completely picturesque. You start seeing beautiful S. Carolina mansions with private property signs posted everywhere… but you keep going straight. Then in the distance you begin to see this really odd wooden structure and then this burnt down shack and then just a bunch of cars. We were in the right place.

We attempted to find parking, by that I mean we made our own space. And got out of the car and navigated our way towards the “entrance”. We get into this “ordering shack” and my buddy turns to me and says, “all you have to know is that there are 2 choices- the seafood platter, or the big ole shrimp platter”, they have menu’s but you don’t really look at them. They are there more as decoration. I order my seafood platter and a sweet tea. He tells me that the sweet tea is in the back (in a cooler) fill ‘er up as often as you like. You can also by beer by the 6 pack and order all you can eat oysters. The people taking your order start you a tab so that you can order more food and beer as often as you like. Oh, btw, its cash only. So load up before you come.

A little back story: The original Bowen’s Island Seafood Restaurant burnt down a few years back… like 10-or-so years ago. So they have been attempting to build a new structure ever since. It is still incomplete but it’s part of the ambiance really. This is the view atop the new structure.

View atop the new structure- tres magnifique!

My Friends and I After Placing our Order

So then they tell us to take our seats and a girl will call out our names and we can get our food. We go up to the top of the structure and take a look at the beautiful marsh and then we leave to find our seats. We were so lucky because we were there at sunset. It was so beautiful. We were able to watch the water turn from golden, to red, to purple, to blue.

We walk downstairs (of the unfinished structure) and to my surprise there are people sitting next to these tables with a hole in them, and I’m thinking, “OH, this is gonna be good”. A man who is working the “all you can eat Oysters” loads a shovel full of oysters and places them on your table, people are sitting there with their knives, a sleeve of saltines, and a ketchup bottle full of cocktail sauce and they are ready to start shuckin’ them oysters. Does life get any better? There is a band of older men playing… more than slightly off-tune, but nobody cares because it adds to the atmosphere that much more. Next thing I know there is a girl screaming through a megaphone calling out my name for me to come get my food — this place is unreal. The food was amazing.We watched the sun go down, we we were happily joined by more friends and we just ate and talked the night away. It was such a wonderful time.

Atmosphere Below the Structure: Notice the exposed concrete, construction light, old man band, and the hole's in the tables!

The Seafood Platter- Delicious!

My friend was telling me that as we were leaving a man walked up to someone working and asked them if this place was a REAL restaurant.

Box Assignment

I am taking a Wood Shop class and we were given an assignment to make a box that is can be no smaller than 3″ in any dimension and no bigger than 12″ in any dimension. I’ll be honest, I tried to take the easy way out… but this box was far from easy!! It was downright difficult.

Here’s my process:

Step 1: I cut down the wood so it is a. the right dimensions and b. square (molto importante)

Step 2: I used a dado cut in all 4 sides of my box so that the acrylic insert could be placed inside. Then I used the router table to make the side windows with the rounded corners.

Step 3: I glued and we clamped the holy hell out of it!

Step 4: I used the table saw (scary business) to cut my splines in the sides of my box.

Step 5: Then I needed to make the windows square instead of rounded. It involved a chisel… and I ended up breaking one of my windows in half. Thank goodness for wood glue.

Step 6: It was time to insert my splines.

Step 7: Finally, time to sand. I sanded with an 80 grit, 150 grit, then 180 grit. That baby is smooth!

Step 8: Oil her up!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Unfortunately for me, I have a review tomorrow…. so there will be no big party for me tonight. SAD DAY. But if I were going to, I would go here…

Who knew Savannah, GA had a huge Irish population? You did? Well, its news to me.

Here’s a pick of Ireland to get your great green Irish day off to a good start.

Happy St. Patrick's Day - May You Have The Luck Of The Irish!

Oh yeah, Who the hell was St. Patrick?

10K in 10 days

03.16.2010 Training

What I was able to run today!

So, early this semester 3 girls and myself decided that we were going to run a 10k in a well known race in Charleston, SC called “The Bridge Run”. In addition, several of our studio-mates have now entered and even our friends not currently in school with us! There could easily be 15 people within our group that have signed up. I’m so excited.

Now it should be mentioned that before this semester I could barely run a mile. I’ve been training for a little over a month now and this is what I was able to run today! Progress is being made although I will say that I am now proudly wearing a knee brace and an ankle brace. There are only so many past gymnastic injuries that my body can handle at the ripe age of 23. The map above shows the route that I ran today in addition to the scheduled route for the day of the big run. The goal for this weekend is to run 5+ miles.

For additional information on “The Bridge Run” please go to this website:

If you feel inspired… start your own training program.

First and Foremost

eripsni: the things that inspire me

I’ve been wanting to create a blog for myself and for others. A blog that shares with you the things that inspire me most (eripsni’s if you will), the things that I want to remember and want others to know about. Hopefully, this will trigger creativity and inspire others to remember what is all too often enjoyed for a moment and then forgotten as life becomes busy once again.

I hope you find life an adventure as I do. When I talk about my hopes and my dreams, people often look at me like I’m crazy… but we can always find that person that will tell us, “Is that it? We can do so much better.” Life isn’t meant to be spent on a couch; it’s meant to be lived.

Dream BIG. Now let’s go live life. Viva Vita.

PLTW: Peace.and.Love.Throughout.the.World